Leadership Appointments


Sergeant Major
Unit Sergeant Major: Goh Xin Yang
Assistant Sergeant Major: Hugo Ong
Assistant Sergeant Major: Pang Wai Kye

Junior Cadets (2014)
Platoon Sergeant: Tan Marcus Dan
Assistant Platoon Sergeant: Dominic Lim
Sergeant: Ng Jian Rong
Sergeant: Verick Heng

Senior Cadets (2014)
Platoon Sergeant: Tan Reng Mian
Assistant Platoon Sergeant: Hia Reon
Sergeant: Sirus Phua
Sergeant: Rioner Lee

Cadet Leaders (2014)
Platoon Sergeant: Teo Ju Zheng
Assistant Platoon Sergeant: Kuan Jia Yu
Sergeant: Terence Chow
Sergeant: Jason Choo

S1: Administration
OIC Admin: Cheong Jun Hao
Admin Spec: Emmanuel Mok
Admin Spec: Koh Kai Jie

S2: Health and Wellness
Chief PTI: Renaldo Evan
PTI: Ignatius Yip
OIC Medic: Jason Bryan Chong
Medic: Winston Wee

S3: Training
OIC Training: Edward Say
Training Spec: Tan Junyong
Training Spec: Herrick Koh

S4: Logistics
OIC Log: Foo Chuan Yu
Log Spec: Jeryl Tan
Log Spec: Jonathan Wee

S5: Resource
OIC Resource: Kenneth Phoon
Resource Spec: Mavyrle Kwan
Resource Spec: Jonathan Lee

all ranks are denoted with the prefix (NCC)