Monday, January 26, 2015

Training for 28 January 2015 (Wednesday)

Reporting Time: 2.25pm
Estimated Dismissal Time: 5.30pm
Activity: Drills
Attire for Part As, Cs and Ds: PT Kit (Barra Tee)
No CCA for Part Bs for 28 Jan and 30 Jan

All Part Cs will bring their no.3 Uniform and Sir Vinod will bring no.4 Uniform for Part As sizing

‘Sergeant Major’ Nicholas Bryan
‘Assistant Sergeant Major’ Casper
‘Part Cs Sergeant Major’ Yu Cher
‘Part B PS’ Sean Teo
‘Part B APS’ Xin Kai
‘Part A PS’ Mark/Ian (Take turns for colours and sunset)
‘Part A APS’ Adam
‘PTI’ Aloysius Ang

‘Medic’ Wesley/Ker Tao

Bring 2 dollars on wednesday

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