Friday, October 31, 2014

Mini League

To those who are participating in the Mini League:

Date: 3 Nov 2014 (Mon)
Reporting Time: 1.15pm
Reporting Venue: Maris Stella School (Front Porch)
Attire: PT Kit (Marist Singlet & PE Shorts) 
Things to bring: Water bottle (1.5L) and EZ-Link card (COMPULSORY)
                          Towel, Medication, Extra Clothes (OPTIONAL)
Estimated Dismissal: 7.00pm

Captains' Ball - Part As:
Alex Chong
Darryl Poh
Clarence Teo
Dar Shyang
Ray (Reserve)
Clive (Reserve)
Ryo (Reserve)

Basketball - Part Bs:
Aloysius Ang
Sean Zhuo
Javan Ng
Mark Ng (Reserve)
Russell Chong (Reserve)
Yu Cher (Reserve)
Nicholas Bryan (Reserve)
Bob Chia (Reserve)

Football - Part Cs:
Jing Cheng
Hung Ning
Yong Jun
Jun Hong
Wayne (Reserve)
Jaryl Foo (Reserve)
Michael (Reserve)
Jing Jie (Reserve)
Jian Hao (Reserve)

If we can get into the Round of 32, it'll be held on 7 Nov (Fri) and if we get into the FINALs it'll be held on 12 Nov (Wed). 

See you on Monday!

Ma'am Lee

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