Monday, September 01, 2014

Application for Taiwan Mountain Trekking

Good Day Cadet Leaders (Secondary 3 Cadets),
The Taiwan Mountain Trekking program will take place from 21st to 27th Oct 14. Each unit can only nominate one Cadet Leader for the program.
35 Cadet Leaders will be selected. The selection criteria are based entirely on the under-mentioned:
1.       Previous Trekking Experience
2.       Fitness
The time-line that leads up to the commencement of the program is as follows:
                                                10 Sep   Submission of Application at HQ level
                                                11 Sep   Selection of Teacher Officers & Cadet Leaders
                                                12 Sep   Commencement of Weekly Training Program (till 20th Oct)
                                                21 Oct   Mountain Trekking (till 27th Oct)
All applicants (including teacher officers) must indicate in a separate document all previous trekking experience: be it at HQNCC level, school level or personal level and a short write-up why they should be selected. All Cadet Leaders must attach a copy of their NAPFA Test Results (from the year 2013) in their application. There is no need to go for any medical check-up till the participant has been confirmed for the program. The confirmation will come by mid-Sep.
In all, 6 documents need to be submitted:
3.       NAPFA Test Results (Only Cadet Leaders)
4.       Passport Details
5.       Detailed Trekking Experience
6.       Short Write-up
Please refer to the Admin Instructions and Annex A Training Programme for more details.

All completed application forms must be submitted to Mr Philip personally by 3 September 2014. 

All completed application submitted by the deadline will be given priority. All late submission after the said deadline and will be put in the reserve list. Incomplete submission will not be considered.
If you have any clarifications, do not hesitate to contact me via mobile or email.



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