Tuesday, August 26, 2014

REMINDER: Senior Cadets and Cadet Leaders IMT on Wed 27 August 2014

Good Day Senior Cadets (Secondary 2) and Cadet Leaders (Secondary 3),

Please take note that you will be having your Individual Marksmanship Trainer (IMT) on Wed, 27 August 2014.

This is a compulsory activity for all Senior Cadets and Cadet Leaders and will affect your rank promotion.

Attire for IMT is Number 4 Uniform with Beret. As such, on 27 August, you will wear number 4 uniform to school.

You will be released from lessons at 11.15am.

You are to take consume a heavy meal during your respective recesses.

You could grab a bite at when you are released at 11.15am and are to leave your bags at the NCC Log Room.

No handphones are allowed at the SAF camp where you will having your IMT.

You are to bring a book to read or some simple piece of work you could do if the waiting time for your turn is going to be long.

You are to fall in at the Front Porch at 11.35am for reporting of strength before we board the buses at 11.40am and head down to Pasir Laba Camp for IMT.

If you have any queries/clarifications, do not hesitate to contact me via my handphone/email.



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