Monday, February 17, 2014

Part B Camp STEEL 18-19 Feb 2014

Dear Part B Cadets,

      Camp STEEL aims to instill core values and self-discipline as well as to build character and confidence of Senior cadets. It is an important milestone in a NCC cadet's Sec 2 journey and it is one of criteria to consider for rank promotion. Thus, ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY (An MC has to be submitted if you are absent).

Date: 18-19 Feb (Tue & Wed)
Reporting Time/Venue: 7.10am, Front Porch
Attire: No. 4 with beret
Expected Dismissal Date/Time: 19 Feb (Wed), Latest 6pm from school

Please DO NOT bring VALUABLE items such as MacBook and gaming devices.

1.                 1 set of No 4. Pixelised uniform & beret
2.                 1 set of PT attire (t-shirt, shorts and track shoes)
3.                 2 pair of socks
4.                 1 set of civilian clothing (sleeping)
5.                 2 set of under-garments
6.                 Student Identity Card
7.                 Toiletries and towel
8.                 Small torchlight and extra batteries
9.                 Poncho
10.              Water bottle
11.              Insect repellant
12.              Sun screen
13.              Writing materials
14.              Medicine (if you need to take regularly)

      The following are important contact numbers for cadets’ parents to note:
Ops Room HQ NCC: 64834045 & 64773530.

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