Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cadet Leader Matters: Mt Ophir Expedition

Dear Cadet Leaders,
Mt Ophir Expedition Sea and Air frame for this march’s school holidays will be held from 20 (Thu) to 22 (Sat) March 2014.
For each phase 35 places is allotted to NCC (Sea) and (Air) Cadet Leaders.

Those who are in the FSD team will not be able to go for the Mt Ophir Expedition as 22 Mar is the Grand Finals for the FSD competition.
Please email me or tell me in person if you are interested to go for the Mt Ophir Expedition by Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014.

I have also attached 3 links for you as a good read from people who have conquered the mountain. This is a good gauge for you to see if you are up for it. Enjoy reading!

1) Bits and Pieces: Climbing Gunung Ledang / Mt Ophir (2008)

2) Grace Abundant: Gunung Ledang (Mt Ophir) (2012)

3) My Paper Executive 2013: Surviving Mt. Ophir (2013)

I would like to pose a challenge/assignment for anyone who gets to go for this trip to take up and that would be to come up with a Blog sharing your experience of conquering Mt. Ophir along with photographs. So, who's up for this challenge?

Thank you.


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