Monday, January 27, 2014

NCC Training 29 January

Reporting time : 2.25pm
Attire : No.4, bring PT Kit
Attire for Part A's : PE Attire
Estimated time of dismissal : 5.30pm

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cadet Leader Matters: Last Call for MSTD in April 2014

Good Day Cadet Leaders,

Last Call for MSTD Applications. All interested are to inform me via email ASAP. Application Forms are to reach me latest by Mon 27 Jan 2014. Late submission or incomplete forms will not be accepted. Do take note that you will miss 7 days of lessons. Please check with your parents that they approve of your absence from school during these 7 days. Nevertheless, it is a not to be missed once in a lifetime opportunity i.e. if you do not come in contact with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) in the future or this opportunity may lead you to pursue the RSN in the future.



Thursday, January 23, 2014

NCC Training 24 January

Reporting time : 2.00pm
Attire : PT Kit for Part D, PE Attire for Part A
Estimated time of dismissal : 6.00pm

Monday, January 20, 2014

NCC Training for Part A's and D' s on 22 January

Reporting time : 2.25pm
Attire : No.4 with Beret, PE Attire for Part A
Estimated time of dismissal : 5.30pm
Part Ds involve in sizing bring No.3 & 4 of different sizes with headgear

Cadet Leader Matters: Midshipmen Sea Training Deployment (MSTD) from 7 to 15 April 2014

Good Day Cadet Leaders,

MSTD (Midshipmen Sea Training Deployment) Phase 1 for 2014 will be held from 7 April to 15 April 2014. Application is open to Cadet Leaders only. Please find attached the application form and instructions.

Each unit may nominate up to two cadets. MSTD is a good eye-opener for our sea cadets and teacher officers alike to experience the workings onboard RSN Vessels, which includes a shore leave (off shore rest & recreation time) before the deployment on ship before going back to Singapore.

The port of call will be at Korea (Busan). Details as below :

- Depart Singapore : 7 April 2014 (By Flight)

- Arrive at Busan (Korea) : 7 April 2014

- Depart Busan (Korea) : 10 April 2014 (Sail)
- Arrive at Changi Naval Base, Singapore: 15 April 2014 

1) Swim Test. There will be a compulsory swim test conducted at NMI Changi Naval Base on 13 Feb (Thursday) at 1330hrs. A bus will be provided at 1245hrs to fetch the sea cadets to NMI Changi Naval Base.

2) Interview. Those who have successfully cleared the swim test will be interviewed by a panel chaired by Commandant NCC at NCC HQ on 24 Feb. A total of 10 cadets (and 2 reserve) + 2 teacher officers will be selected for the trip.

3) Medical Screening. Applicants who are selected for the trip are to proceed to clear a medical screening on 3 Mar.Cadets who do not pass the medical will not be approved for the MSTD.

4) Vaccinations. Cadets and accompanying teacher officers are to have their injections vaccinations done at a clinic appointed by NCC during the week of 17-21 March (School Holidays).

5) Pre-departure briefing and drawing of Navy Rig. Cadets and teacher officers will attend a pre-departure briefing conducted by Commander Sea and draw their navy rig at Kallang Sea Training Centre on 31 Mar.

6) Interested cadets are to notify me via email or in person of your interest by Wed 22 Jan if not latest by Fri 24 Jan 2014.

7) You are also to fill up the attached MSTD application form completely. Incompleted forms will be duly rejected. The forms are to be submitted to me latest by Fri 24 Jan 2014.

If you would like to know more about MSTD and what you are up for and against during MSTD, you can watch the following videos:

a) MSTD Trailer

b) The Passage: A Midshipmen's Journey (Episodes 1 to 10) - Each Episode is about 10-12 minutes.



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cadet Leader Matters: Mt Ophir Expedition

Dear Cadet Leaders,
Mt Ophir Expedition Sea and Air frame for this march’s school holidays will be held from 20 (Thu) to 22 (Sat) March 2014.
For each phase 35 places is allotted to NCC (Sea) and (Air) Cadet Leaders.

Those who are in the FSD team will not be able to go for the Mt Ophir Expedition as 22 Mar is the Grand Finals for the FSD competition.
Please email me or tell me in person if you are interested to go for the Mt Ophir Expedition by Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014.

I have also attached 3 links for you as a good read from people who have conquered the mountain. This is a good gauge for you to see if you are up for it. Enjoy reading!

1) Bits and Pieces: Climbing Gunung Ledang / Mt Ophir (2008)

2) Grace Abundant: Gunung Ledang (Mt Ophir) (2012)

3) My Paper Executive 2013: Surviving Mt. Ophir (2013)

I would like to pose a challenge/assignment for anyone who gets to go for this trip to take up and that would be to come up with a Blog sharing your experience of conquering Mt. Ophir along with photographs. So, who's up for this challenge?

Thank you.


Cadet Leader Matters: Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE)

Good Day Cadet Leaders,

I have attached the 40th Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE) Admin Instructions (AI) for your perusal. Please click on this link to access the AKE AI. You can read up the Admin Instructions to familiarize yourself with the date and details of the AKE selections, MKE and AKE itself. I will update in due course when I get more details of the AKE Selections.



Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NCC Training 17 January

Reporting time : 2.00pm
Attire :PT Kit
Estimated time of dismissal : 6.00pm

Monday, January 13, 2014

NCC Training 15 January

Reporting time: 2.25pm
Attire: Pt Kit
Estimated time of dismissal: 5.30pm

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cadet Leader Matters: Cadet Leaders Train Fire on 21 Jan 2014

Good Day Cadet Leaders,

This post serves as a notification to inform you of the upcoming NCC activity:

Activity: Cadet Leaders Train Fire
Date: 21 Jan 2014 (Tuesday - Day 2)
Time: 1 - 5pm
Venue: Blk 245, HQ NCC, Amoy Quee Camp
Attire: Number 4 Uniform with Beret (Smart 4)

Transport: 1 Way (MSHS to HQ NCC)

Reporting Time: 12.15pm (You will be released from class at 11.45am)
Reporting Venue: Front Porch

Materials to Bring: Writing Materials, Water Bottle and Ez Link Card

1) A consent form will be issued out to you on 10 Jan 2014
2)You may choose to wear Smart No. 4 to school on 21 Jan 2014.
3) Please ensure that you do not bring your MacBook to school.
4) Please bring all your belongings with you to HQ NCC.
5) Transport will be 1 way as we may end earlier than the stipulated time.
6) Attendance is compulsory.

If your have any queries/clarifications, please direct them to me via email or mobile.



Monday, January 06, 2014

CCA Maze 10 January

Kindly observe the amendments.

National Cadet Corp (NCC) Barracudas

Reporting time: 1.20pm (All students will be released at 12 05)

Estimated time of dismissal: 5.30pm

Reporting Venue: Outside NCC Log room

Overall In-Charge: Tan Marcus Dan



OIC: Foo Chuan Yu

2OIC: Hugo Ong 

1st pltn

Attire: NO.4 with Jockey Cap

Venue: 21 CC

1 IC: Foo Chuan Yu 

2 Emmanuel Mok

3 Cheong Jun Hao

4 Jonathan Lee

5 Kenneth Phoon

6 Hia Reon

7 Koh Kai Jie

8 Ng Jian Rong

9 Jaryl Foo

10 Yeu Chen Yuan


2nd pltn

Attire: No.3 with Beret

Venue: Level 3

1 IC: Hugo Ong

2 Aloysius Chan

3 Wayne Chan

4 Rufus Tan

5 Timothy Toh

6 Er Qi Yang

7 Wesley Tan

8 Theon Aw

9 Ang Jian Hao

10 Soon Hung Ning


3rd pltn

Attire: No.3 with beret

Venue: Level 4

1 IC: Verick Heng

2 Sean Lee

3 Loi Xing Kai

4 Russell Chong

5 Casper Cheng

6 Jaren Chua

7 Lim Yu Cher

8 Nicholas Chia

9 Derrick Leong

10 Lim Ker Tao


4th pltn

Attire: No.3 with Beret

Venue: Basketball Court

1 IC: Teo Ju Zheng

2 Sean Zhuo

3 Keith Toh

4 Ng Check Yong

5 Bob Chia

6 Jerome Queck

7 Ryan Goh Xu Jie

8 Ong Jun Han

9 Chiang Kheng He

10 Ignatius Yip


5th pltn

Attire: No.4 with Beret

Venue: Road beside MPC

1 IC: Edward say

2 Cheng You Gin

3 Javan Ng

4 Lee Shao Rei

5 Daniel Yeo

6 Tay Yu Kai

7 Brycen Ong

8 Mark Ng

9 Adam Dzulkiflie

10 Ryan Goh




Venue: Briefed by IC

Attire: 4 emblematizes NO.4 with Jockey Cap and 3 be NO.3 with Beret

 IC: Jonathan Wee 3

 2IC: Pang Wai Kye 3

 Joshua Ng 3

 Wesley Choi 3

 Javen Leo 3

 Timothy Soh 3

 Ian Chia 3

 Kevin Wong 3

 Sean Teo 3

 Quek Yong Jun 3

 Wang Jun Hong 3

 Teo I-Jen 3

 Jordan wang 3

 Benjamin Ho 3

 Ryan Cheng 3

 Isaac Tan 3

 Nicholas Lim 3

  Sirius Phua 3
 Herrick Koh 3

 Jason Choo 3

 Jason Bryan 3

 Rioner Lee 3

 Jerryl Tan 4

 Mavyrle Kwan 4

 Li xi yuan 4

 Michael Adelyus 4

 Lim Jing Cheng 4

 Woo Chek Hong 4

 Ng Jing Jie 4

Aloysius Ang 4

 Dino Khaw 4

 Joseph Wong 4

Remarks (for advertising group; No.4 bearers): Please bring along a facial cleanser for easy removal of face paint)


Photo Booth:

Venue: Lvl 3

Attire: Pt kit

IC Dominic Lim

2IC Terrence Chow

Winston Wee No.4

Jarrell Tan No.3


Advertising Booth:

Venue: MPC

Attire:3 emblematizes No.3 with Beret, 1 be No.1 and 4 be No.4 with Beret/Jockey Cap

IC: Brent Kuan 3

2IC: Goh Xing Yang 3

Tan Marcus Dan 4

Tan Reng Mian 1

Renaldo Evan 1

Tan Junyong 3

Friday, January 03, 2014

NCC Training 8 January

Reporting time : 2.25pm
Attire : PT Kit and beret
Estimated time of dismissal: 5.30pm