Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NCC Openhouse 23 November

Reporting time: 07 45 hrs
Expected dismissal time: 13 00 hrs
Reporting attire:

" RM " denotes road marshaling team

Only part Cs, Bs and As from FSD will have to attend the open house


NO.3 with beret (DRILL TEAM):
Verick  IC. Part C
Pang wai 2IC Part C
Marcus Part C
Kenneth Part C
Terrence. Part C
Chuan yu. Part C
Kai jie Part C
Sirius Part C
Herrick. Part C
Mavyrle. Part C
Chen yuan  Part B
Derrick Part B
Nicholas Part B
Wesley Part B

Attire to be advised by IC (Fsd):
 Xing yang IC. Part C
Hugo  2IC. Part C
Nicholas Part A
Sean lee. Part A
Xing kai. Part A
Russell. Part A
Ker tao. Part B
Rufus. Part B
Ray. Part B
Timothy. Part B
Qi yang. Part B
Theon. Part B
Aloysius. Part B
Wayne. Part B

NO.4 with jockey cap (IFC), RM participants bring along Barra tee:
Brent  IC. Part C
Reng mian 2IC. Part C
Edward. Part C
Emmanuel. Part C RM
Jason Part C RM
Winston Part C RM
Jonathan Lee Part C RM
Yong Jun Part B RM
Michael Adelyus Part B RM
Jaryl Part B RM

Pt kit with Bara tee (PT)
Jian Rong IC. Part C
Ju Zheng 2IC Part C
Jonathan Wee Part C
Jun Hao Part C
Reon Parr C
Rioner  Part C
Jeryl Part C
Jun yong Part C
I-Jen Part B
Jing cheng Part B
Jun Han Part B
Ryan Part B
Hung ning  Part B

OIC: Marcus Tan

Venue: Outside log room

Things to bring: water bottle and facial cleanser(for IFC team)

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