Friday, November 22, 2013

Update on Openhouse 23 November

Pls take note: due to an unexpected turn of events, only road mashals and FSD team will have to report tomorrow 23 November

Reporting time 0730 hrs
Expected dismissal time 1300 hrs

Fsd team
To be advised by your IC

Road marshals
Half no.4 with bara tee and jockey cap.

Once again apologies for the late announcement.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NCC Openhouse 23 November

Reporting time: 07 45 hrs
Expected dismissal time: 13 00 hrs
Reporting attire:

" RM " denotes road marshaling team

Only part Cs, Bs and As from FSD will have to attend the open house


NO.3 with beret (DRILL TEAM):
Verick  IC. Part C
Pang wai 2IC Part C
Marcus Part C
Kenneth Part C
Terrence. Part C
Chuan yu. Part C
Kai jie Part C
Sirius Part C
Herrick. Part C
Mavyrle. Part C
Chen yuan  Part B
Derrick Part B
Nicholas Part B
Wesley Part B

Attire to be advised by IC (Fsd):
 Xing yang IC. Part C
Hugo  2IC. Part C
Nicholas Part A
Sean lee. Part A
Xing kai. Part A
Russell. Part A
Ker tao. Part B
Rufus. Part B
Ray. Part B
Timothy. Part B
Qi yang. Part B
Theon. Part B
Aloysius. Part B
Wayne. Part B

NO.4 with jockey cap (IFC), RM participants bring along Barra tee:
Brent  IC. Part C
Reng mian 2IC. Part C
Edward. Part C
Emmanuel. Part C RM
Jason Part C RM
Winston Part C RM
Jonathan Lee Part C RM
Yong Jun Part B RM
Michael Adelyus Part B RM
Jaryl Part B RM

Pt kit with Bara tee (PT)
Jian Rong IC. Part C
Ju Zheng 2IC Part C
Jonathan Wee Part C
Jun Hao Part C
Reon Parr C
Rioner  Part C
Jeryl Part C
Jun yong Part C
I-Jen Part B
Jing cheng Part B
Jun Han Part B
Ryan Part B
Hung ning  Part B

OIC: Marcus Tan

Venue: Outside log room

Things to bring: water bottle and facial cleanser(for IFC team)

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Annual Sea Proficiency Test (Bronze/Silver/Gold) 2013

Good Day Cadets,

The Annual Sea Bronze/Silver/Gold Proficiency Test will be held next week on 12 Nov 2013 (Tue).

The details are as follows:
Date: 12 Nov 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.45am - 9.30am
Venue: NCC Kallang Sea Training Centre (KSTC)

Attire: Number 3 with Beret

Reporting Time: 6.45am
Reporting Venue: MSHS (Sec) Front Porch
Transport: 1 Way (From MSHS to KSTC)

Materials to Bring:
1. Ez Link Card
2. Writing Materials
3. 1.5m Nylon Rope
4. Note/Materials for Self-Revision

1. The test comprises of 3 sections:

  • Section A: 20 MCQ - 1 Mark Each (20%)
  • Section B: 15 Short Answer Questions - 2 Marks Each (30%)
  • Section C: 5 Bends and Hitches - 10 marks Each (50%)
2. Click on this link to access the Admin Instructions, Syllabus and Sample Test for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Proficiency Test.

3. Click on this link to access the updated attendance list for the Prof Test on 12/11/2013, 14/11/2013 and Leave of Absence. 14/11/2013 Prof Test will be the make-up test date for the ISC, Xian trip participants and PTE ALOYSIUS ANG.

4. Do take note that attendance for the Proficiency Test is compulsory and it will affect your rank promotion in Jan 2014.



Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Sea Prof Test on 12 November

Reporting time: 6:45 am
Attire: No.3 with beret
Venue: Front Porch
Things to bring: any related notes
Please take note that only one-way transport is provided.