Monday, October 28, 2013

Enrollment of FSD 2014

Part A's and B's who would like to participate in FSD for 2014, please fill in your name and class on the google document.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Annual Unit Camp 2013 from 25 - 27 Oct 2013

Good Day Cadets,

The details for our Annual Unit Camp are as follows:

Event: Annual Unit Camp (AUC) 2013
Date: 25 Oct (Fri) to 27 Oct (Sun) 2013
Time: 4.30pm (25 Oct) to 12pm (27 Oct)
Venue: Maris Stella High School (Secondary)

Reporting Time: 4.30pm
Reporting Venue: Primary School Basketball Court
Reporting Attire: PT Kits (Barracudas T-shirt, Marist PE Shorts, Marist Socks and Track Shoes)

Please take note that as there will be GCE O-Level Examinations going on in the Shaw Hall on Friday, you are required to report to the Primary School Basketball Court via the MRT gate along Bartley Road. You are not allowed to enter the school premises via the secondary school gate along Mount Vernon Road. If your parents are dropping you off, they will have to drop you off at Bartley Road.

Camp Fee: $15 (to cover part of the cost of food, beverages and materials for the camp)

You will have to submit the camp fee along with the camp consent form tomorrow (22 Oct 2013) after morning assembly to your respective platoon sergeants at the Front Porch.

For cadets, who were not around for the last training on 18 Oct 2013, you can access the camp consent form and packing list here.

Additional Items to be Brought for Camp (Not mentioned in the Packing List)
1) Cap/Hat
2) Poncho (Re-usable or Disposable) - You could get a re-usable poncho from Army Market at Beach
    Road at $3.

Please take note that attendance for the camp is compulsory. Your attendance and participation at the camp will affect your promotion. If you are not able to attend the camp for the entire duration or part of it due to unforeseen circumstances, you will have to drop me an email at and cc your respective teacher officers:

Junior Cadets (Secondary 1): Miss Wong Xiu Yan and Miss Germaine Lee
Senior Cadets (Secondary 2): Ms Toh Ling Ling and Mr Vinod Kumar

For any other queries or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact me, your Teacher Officers or your Cadet Leader Seniors.

Thank you and see you on Friday!


Raffles Lighthouse Tour on 6 Nov 2013

Good Day Cadets,

There will be a visit to a Raffles Lighthouse organised by MPA on 6 November 2013 from 12.30pm to 6.00pm.

HQ NCC has opened up this visit to 4 cadet leaders from our unit. If you are interested, please get back to me by Wednesday, 23 October 2013, by sending me an email.

You will have to fill up the Safety Brief Form and submit the hardcopy to me by Thursday, 24 October 2013.

This Raffles Lighthouse tour is not open to public and is only accessible through invitation and this is the second time MPA has organised this visit for NCC cadets. 

This is indeed a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for you to visit Raffles Lighthouse. Another interesting fact is the island, which houses the Raffles Lighthouse, has the distinction of being the southernmost island of Singapore and hence, the southernmost point in Singapore as well.

I do hope you will sign up for the Raffles Lighthouse visit.


Sir Philip

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NCC Training 18 October

Reporting time: 2pm
Attire: PT Kit
Estimated Time of Dismissal: 6pm

Monday, October 14, 2013

NCC Training 16 October

Reporting time: 2.25pm
Attire: PT Kit
Estimated Time of Dismissal: 5.30pm

Part A: Learning Journey to Naval Diving Unit (NDU)

Dear Part As

Please note that there is a Learning Journey to Naval Diving Unit.

Date: 16 Oct, Wed
Time: 12.40pm to 5.15pm (back in school)
Attire: PT Kit
Fall-in: 12.40pm, NCC Log Room

a) Bring along swim gear (you may wear your swim gear + PT kit)
c) towel
d) NO camera HP + MacBook

For cadets who missed the morning briefing conducted by Mdm Wong, please get the consent form from Casper or Marcus Png.

Thank you.

Ms Wong