Monday, August 12, 2013

PART A: Basic Survival Course 15 Aug 2013

Dear Part As

There is a Basic Survival Course, conducted by NCC HQ.

This information has been communicated to you and your parent/guardian in the consent form issued earlier.

Date: 15 Aug 2013, Thurs
Fall in Time: 1250pm
Venue: NCC Log Room
Attire: No. 4 Uniform
IC: Nicholas Bryan
Dismissal Time: 4.15pm, MSHS

An early dismissal form will be issued on Thur morning.

1) Please note that you may report to school in No 4 Uniform on 15 Aug 2013.

2) You are required to attend NCC school training on 14 Aug (wed). For Part As, there is no NCC training on Fri (16 Aug), in view of the Basic Survival Course on 15 Aug.

Thank you.

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