Friday, July 26, 2013

Part A Camp FORGE 30 July 2013

Dear Part A

Please note that Camp Forge is an important milestone in a NCC cadet's Sec 1 journey and it is one of the criteria to consider for rank promotion. Thus, attendance is compulsory.

Date: 30 July, Tue
Time: 7.15am
Attire: No. 4 with beret
Remark: EZ-Link Card
Expected Dismissal Time: 6pm in school

Please do NOT bring valuable items such as MacBook and gaming devices. Camera handphones are not allowed in the NCC HQ Camp.

1. Student Identity card

2. Poncho

3. Water bottle with mug

4. Insect repellant

5. Writing materials

6. Medicine (prescribed by family doctor)


1. The following are important contact numbers for cadets’ parents to note:

a. Ops Room HQ NCC: 64834045 & 64773530.

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