Sunday, July 21, 2013

Part C: NCC Basic Diving Course (25 Nov - 6 Dec)

1. The 36th NCC Basic Diving Course is a 3 weeks full-time residential course specially designed and tailored for NCC cadets.

2. The 36rd NCC Basic Diving course will commence on 25 Nov 2013 and ends on 6 Dec 2013 with a Passing Out Ceremony.

3. The NCC Basic Diving course is open to all members of the NCC including female members. All cadets who apply for the Basic Diving course must have the following pre-requisites:

a.         Must obtain parental/guardian’s consent and recommended by unit/school.
b.         Must have attained a rank of 3SG and above.
            c.         Must be medically fit.
            d.         Must have a height not less than 1.60m.
            e.         Must have weight not less than 55 kg.
            f.          Must have good eyesight of 6/6 to 6/24.
            g.         Must be an NCC cadet leader (or above).
            h.         Attained at least Silver award in NAPFA (validity 2 months from date of 1st swimming test)
4. There will be 2 swimming tests. Only eligible cadets will be notified to attend the swimming selection test. IMOS at Changi Naval Base will support NCC to conduct the 1st swimming test while NDU will conduct the 2nd test. The dates are:
1st Test: 20 Aug (Tue) 2pm to 6pm
2nd Test: To be confirmed

5. Candidates applying for the course must achieve the following minimum requirements in the swimming tests as set by NDU:

a.         Swim 200 meters in Breast Stroke ONLY within 6 minutes.
b.         Complete a 5 meters tower/confidence jump into swimming pool.
            c.         Swim underwater for 25 metres.

6. Interested candidates are to collect the consent forms from pigeonhole no. 67, Level 6 Humanities Staffroom on 22 July 2013. In view of the tight deadline given by NCC HQ, all completed forms are to be placed in pigeonhole no. 67 by 25 July 2013, 3pm. Late or incomplete forms will be rejected.

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