Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Barracudas NCC Unit CIP

Dear Cadets

1) The Teacher Officers have learnt something more from today's Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) briefing, what about you? Below is a video from CCF and it helps you understand more on who exactly are you helping, supporting and cheering for:

2) This is a good video on HOW TO FOLD A STAR:

3) Please note that the deadline for submission is 21st Aug, 3pm and we seek your co-operation because Cao Peng's team would need to complete the artwork by early Sep. Hence, we would not want to delay his project to raise awareness for the CCF.

4) Kindly register your participation in this Google Doc, otherwise we would not be able to recognise you as a team member for this project and not be able to award CIP hours to you:

Barracudas & Children's Cancer Foundation Collaboration

Thank you Barracudas! Together, we can make a difference!

Let us show OUR Barracudas Spirit!

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