Saturday, June 08, 2013

39th Annual Kayaking Expedition

Good Day Cadet Leaders,

Congratulations to the 18 Cadet Leaders who made it the 39th Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE)!

They are:

  1. Pang Wai Kye
  2. Cheong Jun Hao
  3. Edward Say
  4. Emmanuel Mok
  5. Jonathan Wee
  6. Kuan Jia Yu
  7. Foo Chuan Yu
  8. Hia Reon
  9. Renaldo Evan
  10. Terence Chow
  11. Herrick Koh
  12. Sirius Phua
  13. Jason Choo
  14. Ng Jian Rong
  15. Hugo Ong
  16. Jerryl Tan
  17. Ignatius Yip
  18. Tan Junyong
Details for the 39th AKE are as follows:

Activity: 39th AKE
Date: 9 June (Sun) to 12 June (Wed)
Time: 3pm (9 June) to 5pm (12 June)
Venue: NCC Sembawang Sea Training Centre
Reporting Time: 2pm
Reporting Venue: MSHS Front Porch
Instructions: Packing List and Important Instructions are in the link: 39th AKE AI

See you on Sunday!



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