Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cadet Leaders Mini Kayaking Expedition on 20-21 April 2013

Good Day Cadet Leaders,

Congratulations to the 10 pairs of kayakers who have made it through the 2nd Selections, gearing up for the Mini Kayaking Expedition. The 10 pairs of kayakers are:

1. Pang Wai Kye and Cheong Jun Hao
2. Edward Say and Jason Choo
3. Emmanuel Mok and Renaldo Evan
4. Jonathan Wee and Tan Junyong
5. Brent Kuan and Ng Jian Rong
6. Foo Chuan Yu and Terence Chow
7. Hia Reon and Hugo Ong
8. Jason Bryan Chong and Dominic Lim
9. Herrick Koh and Sirius Phua
10. Ignatius Yip and Jerryl Tan

Transport Arrangement from MSHS to SSTC
Reporting Time: 3pm on Sat 20 Apr 2013 at Front Porch
Attire: Barracudas T-shirt and PE shorts
Note: Cadets who are coming directly to SSTC are to report at 3.45pm at SSTC. You are also to notify me via email that you will not be taking the transport from school.

Please adhere to the instructions and packing list strictly or you may be disqualified from the MKE.


1. The MKE will be conducted in two phases. Please find attached the groupings
A and B for the cadets from your respective NCC units.

2.  Phase 2 : Group B will report on 20 April (Saturday) at 1600hrs at SSTC and will be dismissed on 21 April (Sunday) at 1730 hr. The overnight rest area for both groups will be provided at Sembawang Camp.

3. The participants are required to have a proper haircut for the MKE.

4. If any of the cadets (of each kayak pairing) do not turn up, the partner will be automatically disqualified from the MKE expedition. Therefore, please emphase this to the cadets concerned and their commitment to attend this. Do not make any prior arrangements as to miss attending this MKE and result in the disqualification of his/her partner.

5. Rations and accommodation arrangements have been indented for the cadets attending this MKE. Only MCs and no letters of explanation/reasons of any sort will be accepted from the cadets should they fail to attend this event. COs/teacher officers of the cadets concerned are to follow up strictly on this.

6. Participants must adhere to all regulations for safety, to be equipped with the
proper attire and bring the required items for training. A list of items for participants to bring is given below. COs/teacher officers of the cadets concerned are to brief them thoroughly and ensure that these items are brought. Those cadets who fail to comply and adhere to the instructions/things to bring will not be allowed to attend the MKE.


All the items brought during Preparatory Training and the following:
i.               Student Identity Card/EZ-link (compulsory)
ii.              One Extra set of dry clothing (compulsory)
iii.            Towel (compulsory)
iv.            Medications (sea-sick pills, Panadol, if necessary)
v.              Sunblock Lotion (compulsory)
vi.            Sunglasses (UV protected)
vii.           Cap (compulsory)
viii.         Water Bottle (min. 1.5L, compulsory)
ix.             Gloves
x.              Wet-PT/Track Shoes / Booties (compulsory for the MKE expedition) and strictly NO sandals/slippers/worn-out, broken shoes
xi.             Track Shoe (compulsory)
xii.           Overnight Packs  (compulsory) - 1 pack consists of 1set of dry clothing, powder, personal toiletries, towel
xiii.          Sponge (large)
xiv.         Bailer (plastic bottle without cap, compulsory for bailing water from kayaks)
xv.           Personal thermometer
xvi.          Mosquito repellent (rub-on or spray-on)
xvii.        Plastic Mug with handle
xviii.       Sleeping Bag (compulsory)
xix.          Whistle (compulsory)


8. Participants are advised not to bring valuables (e.g. Excessive money, jewellery, etc and
expensive items (e.g. handphones, cameras, video cameras and other image capturing
devices) to the training/camp. HQ NCC will not be responsible for any losses or damages to
personal belongings and valuables.

9.  All participants will be checked for the compulsory items when they report at the centre.

10.  All cadets are not allowed to bring image capturing devices(handphones) as these are
contraband items prohibited from SAF camps/NCC Camp.



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