Thursday, April 04, 2013

AKE 2nd Selections (REMINDER)

Good Day Cadet Leaders (those attending this Sat's AKE 2nd Selections)

Please take note of the following packing list:

                  Preparatory Trainings/Selections
1.                  Student Identity Card (EZlink card)  (compulsory)
2.                  One Extra set of dry clothing (compulsory)
3.                  Towel (compulsory)
4.                  Medications (sea-sick pills, Panadol, if necessary)
5.                  Sunblock Lotion (compulsory)
6.                  Sunglasses (UV protected)
7.                  Cap (compulsory)
8.                  Water Bottle with water (min. 1.5L, compulsory)
9.                 Gloves 
10.             Wet-PT Track Shoes / Booties (Compulsory) 
           ** Strictly no sandals or slippers of any sort allowed.
11.             Track Shoes (compulsory)
12.      Snack/Energy Bars to consume during the expedition (kept in ziplock bag)

There will be elimination of cadets for MKE out of this second selection if their kayaks cannot stay within the main pack throughout the expedition.

Reporting Attire: Marist PE Attire with School shoes & socks.

See you on Saturday at 6.15am in school.



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