Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NCC Training 22 February

Attire for Part Bs and Part Ds: No.4  with Beret and Jockey Cap, bring PT Kit too
Attire for Part As: PT Kit
Reporting Time: 2.25pm at Log Room
Estimated Dismissal Time: 6.30pm
There will be no NCC Training for Part Cs in view of the Common Test 1 which starts on the 25 February, Monday for Sec 3s


Wesley choi ( Part A) (1H) said...

Dear sergents,
I thought training is cancelled 2 weeks before common test?
If so why part A still have training despite having the common test on 28 feb?
Yours sincerely,
Wesley choi ( part A)

Part B isaac tan said...

they only suspend for sa1 and sa2, i feel they should suspend for ct too anyway

part A Wesley choi said...

@issac I wonder is it biase part C gets break for CT1 yet part A n B must still report for training