Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Part A (Junior Cadet) Day Camp 2 Feb 2013

Date: 2 Feb 2013
Time: 7.45am
Fall-in Venue: NCC Log Room
Attire: PE Gear
Expected Dismissal Time: 6pm

Objective of Part A Day Camp:
- Promote team spirit amongst Part As
- To develop basic leadership skills
- To promote qualities such as resilience and discipline 

Packing List: 
a) Sec 1 Orientation tee
b) White MSHS School Uniform Shorts
c) $23 (please bring exact amount)
d) Metal Fork & Spoon
e) Water Bottle
f) Writing Material
g) Medicine (optional)
h) Toothpaste for mess tin

Camp Activities Include:
1) Teambonding Games
2) Physical Training
3) Outdoor Field-Cooking
4) Individual Field Craft
5) SAR 21 Shooting

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