Monday, January 28, 2013

Outstanding Contribution Award (Part D) 2013

Dear Part Ds

The objective of OCA 2013 is to: 1) Encourage cadets to strive for excellence 2) Recognize cadets' significant value-added contributions that have an impact on our NCC unit.

Please note that only cadet who holds the rank of 1/2/3 Sergeant is eligible for this award. Our unit would like to gather feedback from you on deserving cadets who should be nominated for the OCA 2013.

Please note that this nomination is not the only form of evaluation and assessment. Feedback from the panel of NCC Teacher Officers would also be taken into consideration.

You are required to nominate 6 deserving Part D platoon-mates (CANNOT nominate yourself) and explain why the person deserves to receive the OCA 2013.

Suggested Criteria for you to Consider:
1) Committed to NCC
2) Held in high esteem by peers & teachers
3) Servant Leadership
4) Able to work well with others
5) Exceeded expectation beyond his job scope
6) Good role model
7) Impact on our NCC unit development and/or cadets' learning

Deadline: 28 Feb 2013

Web Link for nomination:

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