Sunday, December 30, 2012

CCA Maze

There will be a compulsory meeting for all Part Ds involved in Friday’s CCA Maze. The following Part Ds are to report at the Log Room after school by 1015hrs.
1. 2SG Eugene Tan
2. 3SG Koh Shao Ming
3. 3SG Chong Yao Xiang
4. 2SG Nicholas Leong
5. 2SG Ryan Wong
6. 2SG Matthew Leong
7. 2SG Chua Chen Keat
8. 3SG Ang Wee Onn
9. SSG Su Puo Yuan
10. SSG Spencer Lim
11. 3SG Eugene Yeo
12. SSG Elvis Tan Yong Jie
13. 3SG Lau Jia An
14. 3SG Paul Thang
15. CPL Marcus Chioh
16. CPL Tan Yi Hao
17. 3SG Marcus Tan
18. SSG Shaun Seah
The meeting is expected to end by 1115hrs.
Apart from the abovementioned cadets, all cadets are to take note that there will be no CCA on the first day of school, 2nd January 2013. Details for CCA Maze will be posted