Thursday, October 18, 2012

AUC 2012

Date: 19-20 Oct, Residential Camp
Reporting Time: 19 Oct, 7.30am, NCC Log Room
Reporting Attire: Barra Tee + PE Shorts
Dismissal Time: 20 Oct, 12.30pm
Cost: $19(meal + resources + tee)
Remark: Please consume your breakfast, before you come for the camp.

For Street Soccer participants, you will leave school at 1.45pm and join us back in school by 6.30pm. Hence, please pack as usual.

Packing List:


No.4 uniform WITH JOCKEY CAP ONLY x1
Barra-Tee x1
School-related T-shirt x1
Undergarment x2
PE Pants x2
Windbreaker/Jacket x1


No.4 Boots
Track shoes
No.4 socks x1 Pair
MSHS socks x1 Pair


Toothbrush x1
Toothpaste x2
Towel x1
Shampoo x1
Soap/Body Foam x1


EZ-Link card
Personal medication
1.5 litre water bottle
Sleeping bag
Torch light
Writing materials
Metal fork and spoon

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