Tuesday, August 28, 2012

29 Aug NCC Learning Journey to Naval Diving Unit

Welcome back, our NCC training will resume on 29 Aug 2012, Wed.
We will be going to Naval Diving Unit on 29 Aug 2012.

As the bus is leaving at 2.30pm, please fall in punctually at 2.10pm. If you do not have time for lunch, please consume a heavy meal and buy a sandwich during recess. You may ask for permission to eat the sandwich in the bus.

Venue: Outside NCC Log Room
Reporting Attire: PT-KIT
Fall In Time: 2.10 pm
Dismissal Time: 6.30pm at MSHS

You will be split into 4 groups. There IC for each group is:
Group 1: Elvis
Group 2: Shaun (Involved in SPA Exam)  Yihao
Group 3: Puo Yuan
Group 4: Chen Keat

Since the unit is going to the Naval Diving Unit on the 29 August 2012, PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICES ( eg: Camera Handphones, Macbook ). There will be a SECURITY CHECK

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