Thursday, August 30, 2012

No NCC Training on 31st Aug 2012

Dear Cadets

In view of Teachers' Day Celebration, there is no NCC training on 31st Aug 2012.

Part C: Basic Diving Course (1st Swim Test)

Date: 6 Sep 2012
Reporting Venue: Tanah Merah MRT taxi stand/bus bay (traffic direction facing eastwards towards Singapore Expo)
Time: 1245 pm

Attire: School Uniform

Things to bring:
EZ-link card/NRIC and swimming attire (swimming trunks, goggles)
Remark: Look for 3SGT Jeremy Lim / 2SGT Neo. They will be in No. 4 uniform

The swimming test will include the following :
    1) Swim 200 metres in Breast Stroke ONLY within 6 minutes,
    2) Complete a 5 metre tower/confidence jump into swimming pool,
    3) Swim underwater for 25 metres.

Cadets are reminded not to bring any camera-handphones, image capturing devices, thumbdrives or laptops upon reporting at Tanah Merah. If they have to bring a handphone, they are to ensure it is non-camera type, if not it is advised that they do not bring any handphones for the day. Any cadets found in possession of such devices upon a compulsory check at Changi Naval Base guardroom will be disqualified from the swim test.

Cadets are to observe strict discipline and conduct at the Naval Base. Male cadets are to maintain a short haircut coming for the swim test.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

29 Aug NCC Learning Journey to Naval Diving Unit

Welcome back, our NCC training will resume on 29 Aug 2012, Wed.
We will be going to Naval Diving Unit on 29 Aug 2012.

As the bus is leaving at 2.30pm, please fall in punctually at 2.10pm. If you do not have time for lunch, please consume a heavy meal and buy a sandwich during recess. You may ask for permission to eat the sandwich in the bus.

Venue: Outside NCC Log Room
Reporting Attire: PT-KIT
Fall In Time: 2.10 pm
Dismissal Time: 6.30pm at MSHS

You will be split into 4 groups. There IC for each group is:
Group 1: Elvis
Group 2: Shaun (Involved in SPA Exam)  Yihao
Group 3: Puo Yuan
Group 4: Chen Keat

Since the unit is going to the Naval Diving Unit on the 29 August 2012, PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICES ( eg: Camera Handphones, Macbook ). There will be a SECURITY CHECK

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Part C: Basic Diving Course (Swim Test)

 Dear Basic Diving Course Participants

The 1st swim test at Changi Naval Base on 30 August has been postponed to 6 September (Thursday) which falls within the September holidays.

Cadets who have sucessfully registered for this Basic Diving Course are:

2 2SG Elvis Tan Yong Jie
3 3SG Yeo Wei Quan Eugene
4 2SG Matthew Leong Jun Hao 
5 2SG Leong Jian Wei Nicholas
6 3 Sergeant Su Puo Yuan

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part C: Sea Sortie

Dear Part Cs

There is a Sea Sortie experience from 11-12 Sep 2012.

Before you apply/register, please note that you must meet the following criteria:
1) Pass ALL subjects in Common Test
2) You have not gone for National Camp / overseas NCC trip
3) Be able to swim

A) Please register via the link below:

B) Collect consent form from Mdm Wong's pigeonhole and submit the completed form by 24 Aug 2012.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Part C: Ushering VIP for National Camp

Dear Part Cs

NCC HQ would like to request for 10 Part Cs to assist for the coming National Camp @ Pulau Tekong

Date: 27 Aug 2012, Mon
Reporting Time: 3pm, SAF Ferry Terminal
Attire: Black Trackpants + Barra Tee
Dismissal Time: 10pm back at Ferry Terminal (Please seek permission from your parents)
GOH: President Tony Tan

Kindly register below:

Please note that you are to make your personal transport arrangement and you are required to report to school as usual on 28 Aug 2012. A consent form will be given to your parents to seek their acknowledgement and support for this activity.


DEADLINE: 14 Aug 2012, 12 noon

Friday, August 10, 2012

35th Basic Diving Course


1. The 35th NCC Basic Diving Course is a 3 weeks full-time residential course specially designed and tailored for Officers, C/Offrs, senior cadets and NCC associate members of NCC for another adventurous type of training. This package is to train participants to use compressed air breathing apparatus confidently to a depth not exceeding 18m and it opens the way to the wonders of the underwater world. Interested cadets and teacher officers who are physically and mentally fit may apply for the diving course.


2. The course will be conducted at Dive School, Naval Diving Unit (NDU). Outstation dives may be conducted off Singapore by NDU to orientate the Officers, Cadet Officers and senior NCC cadets in open water environment.


3. The 35rd NCC Basic Diving course will commence on 26 Nov 2012 and ends on 7 Dec 2012 with a Passing Out Ceremony.


4. The NCC Basic Diving course is open to all members of the NCC including female members. All cadets who apply for the Basic Diving course must have the following pre-requisites:

a. Must obtain parental/guardian’s consent and recommended by unit/school.
b. Must be 3SG and above.
c. Must be medically fit.
d. Must have a height not less than 1.60m.
e. Must have weight not less than 55 kg.
f. Must have good eyesight of 6/6 to 6/24.
g. Must have education level of at least Sec 3.
h. Attained at least Silver award in NAPFA (validity 2 months from date of 1st swimming test)

5. There will be 2 swimming tests. Only eligible cadets will be notified to attend the swimming selection test. IMOS will support NCC to conduct the 1st swimming test while  NDU will conduct the 2nd test.

6. The 1st swimming test will be held at Changi Naval Base, Sports Complex Swimming Pool on 30 August 2012 (Thursday) from 1400H to 1800H. Cadets will report in their school uniforms and are to bring along their own swimwear and goggles.

7. Transportation will be provided from Tanah Merah MRT Station and cadets are to report at the bus bay outside the MRT (direction of traffic facing Singapore EXPO) at 1330hr.


8. Candidates applying for the course must achieve the following minimum requirements in the swimming tests as set by NDU:

a. Swim 200 meters in Breast Stroke ONLY within 6 minutes.
b. Complete a 5 meters tower/confidence jump into swimming pool.
c. Swim underwater for 25 metres.


9. Short listed cadets who passed the 1st swimming test will undergo a Medical test to be held at Naval Diving Branch in September (date to be confirmed). This is a full day medical check up and cadets are expected to apply a full day leave from school.

a. Chest X-ray and clinical test at Naval Diving Medicine Branch.
b. The final medical test will include a Chamber dive and final medical check-up.

10. Candidates who are certified unfit by the medical officer will not be considered for final 2nd swimming test.


11. The 2nd swimming test will be conducted in October at the Naval Diving Unit NDU pool, Sembawang Camp for cadets who cleared their medical check-up. Details of the test will be confirmed at a later date. Results of the test will be announced immediately after the test. 

STEP 1: PLEASE REGISTER HERE (By 16 Aug 2012, 12 noon):

STEP 2: PLEASE COLLECT HARDCOPY REGISTRATION FORM FROM MDM WONG and submit completed form to Mdm Wong by 16 Aug 2012, 12 noon)

Friday, August 03, 2012

NCC Stand-Down: 6-28 Aug 2012

Dear NCC cadets

In view of the coming Common Test (15-22 Aug), there will be no NCC activities/training from 6-28 Aug 2012.

Please use the time wisely to revise for your examinations.

An outstanding NCC cadet is one who is able to balance between his academic studies and NCC commitment.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

NCC Training 3 August 2012

Date: 3 August 2012
Attire: No.4 with Beret
Fall in Time: 2.15 pm
Expected Dismissal Time: 6.00 pm

MSHS Inter-Uniform Group Soccer Competition 2012

Dear NCC cadets

Our soccer team has clinched the championship title for the inaugural MSHS Inter-UG Soccer Competition 2012.

Well done, NCC! They are:

Part A

Aloysius Chan 1A
Hung Ning 1I

Part B

Rioner Lee 2B
Kuan Jia Yu 2B
Goh Xin Yang 2E

Part C

Eke Wang 3F
Chua Chen Keat 3C
Marcus Chioh 3K