Thursday, July 05, 2012

No.3 Badges Arrangement

Right Side of the No.3 Uniform.

-Right Breast Pocket: Total Defense Badge

-Above Right Breast Pocket: Name Tag

-Miscellaneous Badges (Circle Badges): Pin a maximum of 4 badge in a row, then continue above in a pyramid fashion.(1 finger spacing above name tag and above another row)

*Make sure all the badges are neatly aligned and the name tag is perfectly horizontal*

Left Side of the No.3 Uniform

-Left Breast Pocket: Kayaking Badge

-Above Left Breast Pocket: "Shield" Badges (Pin them here if you have 2 or more. If you have NAPFA badge only, pin it on your sleeve.)

-Above Shield Badges/ Kayaking Badge: Badges that are from NCC-organized courses. (E.g. Sea Proficiency Badge, RSN-NCC Badge etc.)

Left Sleeve

Right Sleeve: Part B IMT/Part C Live Range Marksmanship Badge

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