Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NCC Training on the 20th July

Date: 20 July 2012
Fall-in Time: Drill Team fall in at 2pm, rest fall in at 2.15pm. Colours to be taken at 2.30pm. 
Attire: No.3 Uniform for Drill Team, No.4 Uniform for the rest. (Bring PT Kit)
 Bring BOTH your Beret and Jockey Cap

Drill Team will comprise of:
Chua Chen Keat (IC)
Mok Chui Hao
Eugene Yeo
Eke Wang
Jaryl Chan
Matthew Leong
Emmanuel Mok
Goh Xin Yang
Mavryle Kwan
Edward Say
Dominic Lim
Marcus Dan Tan
Jason Choo

The Drill Team will be demonstrating some of the drills that we have learnt to the Chinese Guest from China

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