Monday, May 28, 2012

Part C: IMOS (4-5 June OR 6-7 June)

Two Specialists Course (IMOS MODULE) will be held during June Holidays, 04 June 2012 to 05 June 2012 and 06 June 2012 to 07 June 2012. All cadets who have attended IMOS (Sea) Module will attend the Specialist Course (Land Module) from the 19 June 2012 to 21 June 2012. 

The cadets will be reporting in No. 3 uniform with head-dress and a proper haircut. They are expected to maintain a high level of turn out and bearing for the duration of the course.

The RSN-NCC Specialist Seamanship Course Training Manual (Revised: January 2004) MUST BE BROUGHT ALONG BY EVERY PARTICIPANT. Failure to comply with this will result in the cadets being put Out Of Course.

You may download the Sea Spec Manual at this location:

Transport will be provided by HQ as follows at the bus stop beside Tanah Merah MRT Station, on the side towards Changi:
Reporting Time
Duration each day
04 – 05 June 2012
0715 hours
0730 – 1715 hours
06 – 07 June 2012
0715 hours
0730 – 1715 hours

Cadets are reminded NOT to bring valuables or expensive items. HQ NCC will not be responsible for the loss of cadets’ valuables or expensive items. Course participants are advised not to bring large sums of money and valuables including mobile phone. Cadets are also reminded not to bring handphones with image capturing features or media storage devices into the camp. Failing to do so they may not be allowed into camp.

Cadets are required to have:

a.         Their corporal rank sewn on.
b.         Writing materials, paper cutter and masking or insulation tape.
c.         A length of rope of 1.5m and about 8-10mm in diameter.
d)        Bus pass.

Cadets who meet the requirement for the RSN-NCC badge will also be awarded the Sea Proficiency Badge upon successful completion of the course.

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