Monday, May 28, 2012

Part C: AKE (10 - 13 June 2012)

Congratulations to Part Cs who have made it through to the prestigious Annual Kayaking Expedition 2012.

HQ NCC (Sea) will be conducting the 38th Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE) from 10 June to 13 June 2012.

Please note that cadets are to make personal transport arrangement.
All cadets are required to report at Sembawang Sea Training Centre at 1500hrs on 10 June (Sunday) for in processing, briefing and preparations.
The overnight rest area will be at Sembawang Camp for 10 June and on 12 June, and at Pasir Ris Camp on 11 June. 

Cadets will be dismissed at Sembawang Sea Training Centre by 1600hrs on 13 June 2012.

The participants are required to have a proper haircut for the AKE.

Rations and accommodation arrangements have been indented for the cadets attending this AKE. Only MCs and no letters of explanation/reasons of any sort will be accepted from the cadets should they fail to attend this event.


All the items in Preparatory training(above) and the following:
i.               Student Identity Card/EZ-link (compulsory)
ii.              Clothing essentials for 3 days/nights.
iii.           One extra set of dry clothing, towel and toiletries (compulsory) packed in double ziplock bag (this is to be carried with them on the 1st day of kayaking to Pasir Ris)
          ** Packed in separate ziplock sealed bag :
      1.5 litre water bottle (filled with water or isotonic drinks)
      Sun block
      Energy Bar, Energy gel (optional)
iv.            Towel (compulsory)
v.              Medications (sea-sick pills, Panadol, if necessary)
vi.            Sunblock Lotion (compulsory)
vii.           Sunglasses (UV protected)
viii.         Cap (compulsory)
ix.             Water Bottle (min. 1.5L, compulsory)
x.              Gloves
xi.             Wet-PT/Track Shoes / Booties (compulsory for the AKE expedition) and strictly NO sandals/slippers/worn-out, broken shoes
xii.           Track Shoe (compulsory)
xiii.          Overnight Packs  (compulsory) - each pack consists of 1set of dry clothing, powder, personal toiletries, towel
xiv.          Sponge (large)
xv.           Bailer (empty plastic bottle without cap, compulsory for bailing water from their own kayaks) (compulsory)
xvi.          Personal thermometer (compulsory)
xvii.        Mosquito repellent (rub-on or spray-on)
xviii.       Plastic Mug with handle
xix.          Sleeping Bag (compulsory)
xx.            Whistle (compulsory)

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