Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reminder on Interactive Battlefield Trail

Good Day Junior Cadets,

This is to remind you of the Interactive Battlefield Trail.

Date: 19 April 2012 (Thu)
Time: Report at 12.40pm (You will be released from class at 12.05pm)
Venue: School Front Porch
Attire: Half-U (Baracuda Tee, No. 4 pants with boots, green socks and gutters
Things to bring: Pen, Small Notebook and Water bottle

Instructions: Please report to school in your Marist school uniform and bring along your NCC attire with to you. You will be handed 1 early-release form per class tomorrow morning. At 12.05pm, request permission from your teacher to leave the class and get you teacher to sign on the form. Change up into your Half-U from your Marist uniform and have your lunch. Place your bags in the Log room, MacBooks and Handphones to be deposited into the MacBook Cabinet in the Log room. Fall in at the school front porch by 12.40pm.


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