Monday, April 30, 2012

Army Open House: 24 May 2012 (Thurs)

NCC HQ warmly invites the MSHS to Army Open House

Date: 24 May, Thurs
Time: 3pm - 6pm
Participants: All Part Bs
Venue: Singapore Grand Prix F1 Pit
Attire: No. 4
Transport: 1-way to Singapore Grand Prix F1 Pit. Cadets will be dismissed at the nearest MRT station

More information will be shared in due course

Transport Arrangement for Optional Enrichment Courses

Dear Cadets

Please note that there is NO transport arrangement provided by the school for participation in optional enrichment courses:
-Water Ambassador
-Civil Defence

Hence, you are required to make personal transport arrangement to the respective venues for the courses.

In the event that you are participating in these optional course (there is limited vacancy), your various Teacher Officer in-charge will issue consent forms to you.

Should you require further clarification, please drop by to speak to any of your Teacher Offiers.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


2 NCC Elective Programmes for Junior Cadets (Part A), Energy Experience Course, will be held this June holidays. The dates are as follows  :

1) on 1 June and 8 June 2012
2) on 11 Jun and 18 June 2012

Last Date of Submission : 30 April 2012  (Sorry for the short notice but application form has been sent to all Part A so please sign up if you can make it on BOTH dates)

Energy Experience Course Information : 

1.              Junior Cadets must report in No. 4 NCC uniform and bring along writing materials, a calculator and 3 of their past months utilities bills.

2.              Course duration is 2 days, from 0845hrs to 1200hrs, at Electricity Efficiency Centre, 460 ALEXANDRA Road #08-01/02 & 08-06 PSA BUILDING S(119963)

3.              Certificate and badges will be issued after the test by SP to NCC Training Br.

Study hard for your coming SA1 and all the best. Best regards.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Medal Prize Presentation for FSD 2012

FSD members are to report to school earlier, as we are giving our the medals for FSD.

Date: 27 April, Fri
Time: 7.15am
Venue: Podium Area
Attire: Full School Uniform

Monday, April 23, 2012


The tentative dates for Sea Competition training are:
May: 16, 18, 23, 25
June: 27, 29
July: 4, 6, 11, 13

For Part Bs & Part Cs cadets who missed the internal Sea Competition Selection on 13 April 2012, please note that a selection by the Coach will be done on the 16 May 2012.

More information will be shared in due course.

(based on Coach's feedback during 1-Star Kayaking)
Chiang Kheng He.
Theon Aw Kai Jun
Chan Ler Wayne
Chua Chung Kit, Ray.
Tan Yih Hung Wesley
Wang Jun Hong
Lim Jing Cheng
Ang Jian Hao
Michael Adelyus.

Part B
Terence Chow
Pang Wai Kye
Hia Reon

Part C
Chua Chen Keat
Tan Yi Hao
Chan Alvin
Ang Wee Onn
Eke Wang
Marcus Chioh
Shaun Seah (Overall IC)

Please note that there will be a 2nd cut selection during Sea Competition training. The selection will be done by the Coach

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Senior Cadets (Part B) Programmes - Civil Defence CD (4 June), SANA Course (28 May & 31 May) & Intermediate Survival Programme (11 to 12 June)

The following courses are available for Senior Cadets (Part B) :

SANA Course 28 May 2012
SANA Course 31 May 2012
Civil Defence Course 04 June 2012
Intermediate Survival 11 to 12 June 2012

Last Date of submission : 27 April 2012

All Part B will received the application forms via their MSHS gmail. Kindly submit the form for the required courses by 27 April. Best regards. Study hard for the coming SA1 and all the best.

Civil Defence Course

1. Senior Cadets (Part B) must report in No. 4 NCC uniform and bring along writing materials.

2. Course duration is only for 1 day, from 0815 hours to 1730 hours. This one day course will be held at HQ 2nd Civil Defence Division, 1 Tampines Industrial Avenue 3.

3. No lunch will be provided.

4. Certificate will be issued for attendance by SCDF. Badges will be issued after the test by NCC Training Br.

SANA Course

1. Senior Cadets (Part B) must report in No. 4 uniform and bring along writing materials.

2. Course duration is 1 day, from 0830hrs to 1730hrs, at SANA, Sengkang Community Hub, 2 Sengkang SQ, #05-01 S(545025).

3. No lunch will be provided.

4. Certificate and badges will be issued after the On-line test by SANA to NCC Training Branch.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Basic Survival Programme for Junior Cadets (May 2012)

Good Day Junior Cadets (Part As)

This to inform you that all of you will be attending a compulsory half day Basic Survival programme on 24 May 2012 (Thu) at the Survival Village at HQ NCC. Details of the programme are as follows:

Date: 24 May 2012 (Thu)
Time: 1530h - 1730h
Venue: Survival Village - HQ NCC
Attire: No. 4 Uniform (Smart 4) with head-dress (tbc)
Things to bring: Pen, Small Note-pad and Water bottle

Instructions: A bus will arranged to transport you from school to HQ NCC and HQ NCC back to school. All Camera Handphones are to deposited in the MacBook cabinet in the NCC Log Room as camera handphones will not be allowed into HQ NCC. A consent form will be passed to you to inform your parents of the activity during the next NCC training. Thanks. 


Dear Part Cs

Please note that the Specialists Course (Land Module) for NCC (Sea) Cadet Leaders is scheduled on 19 to 21 June 2012.

More details will be shared by NCC HQ in due course.

PART C: IMOS COURSE (compulsory)

Dear Part Cs who have not attended IMOS in March,

IMOS Specialist Course will be conducted at the following date:

a) PHASE 3 (4-5 June 2012)

b) PHASE 4 (6-7 June 2012)

As the cost of the course is paid using public funds, it is important that once you have registered, you must attend the course so as not to waste public funds.

In the event you fail to attend the course without a valid reason, you will have to pay for the cost incurred. HQ NCC will only accept medical certificate for non-attendance. Parent’s letter will not be accepted.


Part D: Basic Airborne Course


1. The Basic Airborne Course is open to all NCC Officers and Cadets to offer them a more interesting, adventurous and challenging type of training.

2. Interested NCC Officers and Cadets (16 years of age) who are physically fit may apply for the course, subject to availability of vacancies.


3. The Basic Airborne Course will be conducted from 30 May 12 at 0730 hrs to 15 Jun 12 at 1700 hrs, inclusive of preparatory ground training and parachute descent.


4. The Course will be conducted at Parachute Training Wing (PTW), Special Operations Tactical Support Centre (SOTSC), Hendon Camp, Changi.

Cadets who are interested, please send Mdm Wong an email by 24 April 2012. (

Kindly note that your preparation for 'O' Levels should take precedence.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reminder on Interactive Battlefield Trail

Good Day Junior Cadets,

This is to remind you of the Interactive Battlefield Trail.

Date: 19 April 2012 (Thu)
Time: Report at 12.40pm (You will be released from class at 12.05pm)
Venue: School Front Porch
Attire: Half-U (Baracuda Tee, No. 4 pants with boots, green socks and gutters
Things to bring: Pen, Small Notebook and Water bottle

Instructions: Please report to school in your Marist school uniform and bring along your NCC attire with to you. You will be handed 1 early-release form per class tomorrow morning. At 12.05pm, request permission from your teacher to leave the class and get you teacher to sign on the form. Change up into your Half-U from your Marist uniform and have your lunch. Place your bags in the Log room, MacBooks and Handphones to be deposited into the MacBook Cabinet in the Log room. Fall in at the school front porch by 12.40pm.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part A: Short Briefing on NCC Attire (No. 4 Uniform)

Dear Part As

Kindly note that you have to attend a compulsory briefing session on NCC Attire (No. 4).

Date: 18 April 2012, Wed
Attire: No. 4 Pants with Marist Singlet
Time: 1.50pm to 2.25pm
Venue: Multi Purpose Court (MPC)
Items to Bring:
- No 4 Pants
- No. 4 Boots
- Socks
- Gutter

Please bring along your No. 4 pants/shoes (even if the size does not fit you), so that we can try to do a mutual kit exchange within our platoonmates.

Part C Live Range, 16 April 2012 (Mon)

Dear Part Cs

Pls note that this Live Range session is compulsory.

Alvin Tan is excused from this activity.

Date: 16 April, Mon
Fall-in Time: 12.15pm, NCC Log Room
Attire: No. 4
Remark: EZ-Link + Ear Plug

IC: Spencer

Friday, April 13, 2012

Part A Affirmation Ceremony

Good Day Junior Cadets,

The following is the information for tomorrow's Affirmation Ceremony.

Please report at the front porch of the school at 12:45pm.

Please be in proper No. 3 attire with your name tag, belt, black socks,
black shoes and beret on (not forgetting the shirt and pants).

Please also bring along your Student Pass (Ez link card) and a water

If there is any clarifications or anyone with uniform issues, please do
not hesitate to contact me at 81236146. Please help to spread the word.


Sir Philip

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Support for MSHS Coffee Table Book (compulsory)

Dear Part As, Bs, Ds

Our NCC unit is invited to be part of the MSHS Coffee Table Book team, a book that will be published in July 2012. All our Part Cs have participated in this project, as part of their task for the National Heritage Badge this year.

I would like to appeal to all Part As, Bs, Ds to do your part for this project and share your reflection via the blog below. Your account may be shortlisted as an entry in the limited edition MSHS Coffee Table Book.

Cadets who have submitted your entries before, you are NOT required to participate in activity.

Thank you.

Deadline: 15 April 2012, 1800 hour

NCC Training 13 April 2012

Part As:
No school training on 13 April 2012. You will attend Part A Affirmation Ceremony on 14 April 2012. More information will be shared with you by Sir Philip.

Part Bs:
Sea Competition Selection
Fall in Front Porch: 2.20pm - 6pm
Attire: Kayaking Gear
Remark: 2-way transport

Part Cs:
Sea Competition Selection
Fall in Front Porch: 2.20pm - 6pm
Attire: Kayaking Gear
Remark: 2-way transport

As explained earlier, cadets who are not able to represent our Unit for Sea Competition 2012 due to academic concerns and/or parents' objection, please note that you are excused from NCC training (kayaking selection) tomorrow. A parent's letter to acknowledge this matter is required. Please submit the document to Mdm Wong personally or place the letter in her pigeonole (No. 67, Humanities Staffroom, Level 6) by 13 April 2012, 12 noon.

The tentative dates for Sea Competition training are:
May: 16, 18, 23, 25
June: 27, 29
July: 4, 6, 11, 13

Part Ds
Selected personnel will be tasked to conduct the Sea Competition Selection.

IC: Randy
IC: Ervine

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NCC Training 11 April 2012

Reporting Time:2.30pm
Reporting Place:Company Command Post
Attire: No.3 with beret
Expected Dismissal Time: 6.00pm

Monday, April 09, 2012

Attire for POP 11 April 2012: NO. 3

Dear Cadets

I understand that some of you have passed us your items for Kit Exchange.

Unfortunately, NCC HQ is unable to accede to all our requests due to stock availability (especially shoes) and logistic matter.

Mdm Wong would pass items that have been successfully exchanged to the relevant cadets personally by Mon, 9 April 2012.

Hence, cadets without full proper No. 3 Uniform will attend POP in Barra tee and PE shorts.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Attire for POP 2012 is NO 3 UNIFORM.

Mdm Wong

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Green Home Challenge Audit Cards

This is not compulsory but if you are interested you may see the images to find out how to participate in this competition.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rescheduled MKE (18-19 May 2012)

Please be informed that MKE for our school has been reschduled to the following date:
  • Report on 18 May (Friday) at 1600hrs at SSTC
  • Will be dismissed on 19 May (Saturday) at 1730 hr.

Dragonboat Session: 4th April & 5th April 2012

Dear Dragonboat Participants

Please note the timing for the training sessions:

Dragonboat Training (Kallang Water Sports)
Date: 4 April 2012, Wed
Fall-in Time: 1.25pm, Front Porch
Attire: Kayaking Gear
Remark: 1-way
IC: Shaun

Dragonboat Training (NCC HQ)
Date: 5 April 2012, Thurs
Fall-in Time: 12.40pm, Front Porch
Attire: Kayaking Gear
Remark: 2-way
IC: Shaun

Dragonboat Training (Heats)
Date: 9 April 2012, Mon
Fall-in Time: 12.25pm, Front Porch
Attire: Kayaking Gear
Remark: 1-way
IC: Shaun

Monday, April 02, 2012

Training on 4 April 2012

Reporting Time:2.30pm
Reporting Place:Company Command Post
Attire: No.3 ( with beret)
Expected Dismissal Time: 5.20pm

There will be NO training on 6 April 2012 as it is a holiday.