Sunday, March 25, 2012

National Freestyle Exhibition Drill 2012

Dear Cadets

I am pleased to announce that our Part Bs and Part Cs platoon mates have done our Unit proud in the recent National Freestyle Drill Exhibition Grand Finals!

Their hard work has paid off and our school is the top performing Sea Unit in the Grand Finals.

They are:

1) Spencer Lim, Part C

2) Shao Ming, Part C

3) Elvis Tan, Part C

4) Yao Xiang, Part C

5) Shaun, Part C

6) Thaddeus, Part C

7) Puo Yuan, Part C

8) Matthew, Part C

9) Xuan Zhao, Part C

10) Yihao, Part C

11) Wai Kye, Part B

12) Hugo, Part B

13) Xin Yang, Part B

14) Edward Say, Part B

15) Renaldo, Part B

Well done, Barracudas!

Their performance can be viewed here:

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