Sunday, March 04, 2012

Elective Courses in March 2012

Please note that cadets are to make personal transport arrangement for these elective courses, please bring money for your meal and also bring along your EZ-Link card.

The following cadets are selected for Elective Courses (Mar 2012):

SANA (14 March 2012)
1) Edward Say
2) Jonathan Wee
3) Cheong Jun Hao
4) Emmanuel Mok
5) Part B Ryan Wong (IC)

Please be in No. 4 uniform and meet at Seng Kang MRT, Station Control, 7.45am.

CIVIL DEFENCE (12 March 2012)
1) Hugo Ong
2) Sirius
3) Terence Chow
4) Chen Qing Yang
5) Specialist Keith (IC)

Please wear No. 4 and meet at Bus No. 72 Bus Stand at Tampines Interchange at 7.30am.

Water Ambassador (15 March 2012)
1) Ng Jing Jie
2) Chiang Kheng He
3) Ang Jian Hao
4) Li Xi Yuan
5) Specialist Keith (IC)

Part As will wear your Marist Polo tee and Part D will wear No. 4 Uniform. Meet Specialist Keith at Tanah Merah MRT, Station Control, 8am. There will be a shuttle service.

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