Friday, February 24, 2012


Dear Part Cs

I would like to gather feedback from you on deserving cadets who should be nominated for the rank of Company Sergeant Major, Assistant Company Sergeant Major and Staff Sergeant

Please note that this exercise is to gather feedback and it will be ONE of the assessments to help the Unit to select the next batch of potential leaders who would lead our Unit to greater heights.

The panel of NCC Teacher Officers will make the final decision, after consulting your Form and Subject Teachers.

You are required to select 9 deserving Part C platoon-mates (CANNOT nominate yourself) and explain why the person deserves to earn the respective rank.

Suggested Criteria for you to consider:

1) Committed & Active NCC cadet

2) Able to balance between CCA and academic studies

3) Good role model in NCC & in class

4) Servant Leadership & Humility

5) Able to work well with others

6) Able to earn and command respect from fellow Part Ds

7) Able to lead our unit to greater heights


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