Monday, January 30, 2012


Dear cadets

HQ Log Branch is open on Tue, 31 Jan 2012.

Hence, if you need to do kit exchange, you may drop my NCC HQ on the above-mentioned date.

Please bring along your EZ-Link card and the item that needs to be exchanged.

Kindly note that you are required to make your personal transport arrangement as this is NOT a formal NCC programme.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


DATE: 27 Jan 2012, Fri
FALL-IN TIME: 1.50 pm

REMARKS: Cadets who would like to purchase the Barra tee, please bring along $12. Cadets who have made payment, Mdm Wong would pass you the tee on Fri

Dear Part Cs

NCC HQ called last week to cancel our Amazing Race on 27 Jan 2012. They will schedule another slot for us soon. Hence, please attend NCC School Training in school on 27 Jan 2012.

There is NO FSD training on 27 Jan 2012.

All Part Cs will be doing Drill Mutual.

Part Cs: Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE)


1. HQ NCC (Sea) will be conducting the 38th Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE) from 10 June to 13 June 2012.

2. Participants are required to attend all trainings/selections once their names are registered on the nominal roll. The rations for participants are indented for these trainings. As such, any registered participants who do not attend training would be required to pay for the ration not consumed.

3. The participants would be required to have a proper haircut and correct hair colour for ALL trainings & selections, otherwise, they would not be allowed for the training.

4. Participants must adhere to all regulations for training safety, to be equipped with the proper attire and bring the required items for training. Those participants who failure to comply will not be allowed to continue the training.


5. In view of the safety requirements for sea expedition, all participants must meet the following criteria:

a. No medical history
b. Maximum weight limit of 80 kg
c. Attain 1 Star Kayaking Award or better
d. Able to swim


6. All participants are required to complete and pass 2 preparatory trainings/selections and the mini-expedition.

7. Absentees (without valid reasons/medical certification) and late for training will be deemed to have withdrawn from the AKE 2012. Appeals for re-entry to AKE 2012 trainings will not be entertained.


8. The trainings for AKE 2012 include preparatory trainings/selections, a mini-expedition and conclude with the AKE.

9. The First Preparatory Training: 7 Mar 2012, Wed.

10. The Second Preparatory Training: 24 Mar 2012, Sat

11. Mini AKE: 6-8 April 2012. Cadets who fulfil the requirements of the MKE will advance to the final AKE.

12. AKE: 10-13 June 2012

Part Cs must ensure you are able to commit on all the above-mentioned dates, before you sign up for AKE 2012


Preparatory Trainings/Selections
1. Student Identity Card (compulsory)
2. One Extra set of dry clothing (compulsory)
3. Towel (compulsory)
4. Medications (sea-sick pills, Panadol, if necessary)
5. Sunblock Lotion (compulsory)
6. Sunglasses (UV protected)
7. Cap (compulsory)
8. Water Bottle (min. 1.5L, compulsory)
9. Gloves
10. Wet-PT TrackShoes / Booties (Compulsory) ** Strictly no sandals or slippers allowed.
11. Track Shoe (compulsory)

Mini-Expeditions / AKE
All the items in Preparatory training(above) and the following:
1. 2 Overnight Packs (compulsory) - 1 pack consists of 1set of dry clothing, powder, personal toiletries, towel
2. Sponge (large)
3. Bailer (old plastic bottle, compulsory)
4. Personal thermometer
5. Mosquito repellent (rub-on or spray-on)
6. Plastic Mug with handle
7. Sleeping Bag (compulsory)
8. Whistle (compulsory)


1. Participants are advised not to bring valuables (e.g. Excessive money, jewellery, etc) and expensive items (e.g. handphones, cameras, video cameras and other image capturing devices) to the training/camp. HQ NCC will not be responsible for any losses or damages to personal belongings and valuables.

2. All participants will be checked for the compulsory items when they report at the centre.

3. All cadets are not allowed to bring image capturing devices(handphones) as these are contraband items prohibited from SAF camps/NCC Camp.

DEADLINE: 30 Jan 2012, 1400 hour

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NCC TRAINING 25 Feb 2012

Date: 25 JAN 2012
Fall-In: 3.10pm
Attire: PT Kit
Remarks: Bring along writing material

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LOOLA CAMP (14-16 MARCH 2012)

Dear Part Bs and Part Cs

Loola Camp will be conducted from 14-16 March 2012.

Actitvities would include:
- Camping on a deserted island (Resilience)
- Boom Netting (Confidence)
- CIP (Care)
- Kayaking (Resilience)

Cadets who are interested to participated in this camp, please seek approval from your parents before you register.

Please note that due to limited vacancy, an interview would be carried out to select the confirmed participants for this camp

DEADLINE: 13 Feb 2012, 1800 hours


Date: 18 Jan, Wed
Attire: PT Kit
Time: Fall in at 2.35pm. Colours to be taken at 2.45pm SHARP
Venue: NCC Log Room, Basketball Court
Dismissal Time: 5.30pm

Monday, January 16, 2012

Selection for Sea & Shooting Competition

Dear Part As

We would update you on your 1-Star Kayaking programme soon. Please take your 1-Star Kayaking programme seriously as the selection for July Sea Competition is based on your attitude and aptitude during the 1-Star Kayaking course.

There will be a Shooting selection for Part As on 10 Feb (Fri). More details will be shared nearing the date. Hence, please take physical training seriously to gear yourself up for the selection.

Dear Part Bs & Cs

There will be a Kayaking selection for Sea Competition 2012 on 29 Feb. Hence, please take physical training seriously to gear yourself up for the selection.

The Shooting Competition selection for Part Bs & Cs will be on 13 April. More details will be shared nearing the date. Hence, please take physical training seriously to gear yourself up for the selection.

To ALL Barracudas Cadets
Selection to represent our Unit for national competition is based on:
1) Attitude
2) Commitment to NCC (Attendance)
3) Aptitude
4) Ability to balance NCC and academic studies

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Training On 13th Jan 2012

Reporting Time:1.50pm
Reporting Place:Company Command Post
Attire: PT Kit
Expected Dismissal Time: 5.30pm

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Date: 11 Jan, Wed
Attire: PT Kit
Time: Fall in at 2.35pm. Colours to be taken at 2.45pm SHARP
Venue: NCC Log Room
Dismissal Time: 5pm

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Training on 6th January 2012

Reporting Time:2.00pm
Reporting Place:Company Command Post
Expected Dismissal Time: 5.00pm
Attire: PT Kit

Monday, January 02, 2012

Training on 4th January 2012

Reporting Time:2.25pm
Reporting Place:Company Command Post
Expected Dismissal Time: 5.15pm
Attire: No. 3 uniform with beret ( Bring PT Kit )