Monday, September 12, 2011

Whole School NCC Training in Term 4 (before final year exam)

Dear Cadets

NCC Training will stand down with effect from 19 Sep 2011.

Hence, there are 2 NCC sessions before CCA stands down to allow you to prepare for your SA 2:

1) 15 Sep (Thurs) Whole company will go to Upper Seletar Reservoir to support our Sea Competitors, thus training on this Wed (14 Sep) is cancelled. More information will be shared in due course.

I understand that some Part As have paid for an English enrichment programme and you are scheduled to attend the programme on Thur, 15 Sep. Hence, you are excused from NCC on Thurs. Kindly attend your English enrichment course on Thurs. These classes are Sec 1C, 1H and 1I.

2) 16 Sep (Fri)
Fall in: 2.25pm
Attire: PT Kit
Materials Required: Sea Prof notes and writing materials
Objective: Sea Prof Skills & To improve on drills

Date: 14 Sep
Attire: No. 4
Remarks: Bring EZ-Link + Ear Plug
Fall-in: 12.15pm, Front Porch

Damien O'Brian Jacob
Goh Xin Zhe (I/C)
Irvin Ho Jia Xian
Kek Kenwit (I/C)
Lai Kwang Tze, Aaron
Lee Wei Jie Marcus
Liau Ming Xuan Joshua
Nathanael Lok Yi En
Ng Guo Rong, Randy
Quah Zheng Tan Joshua
Sherwin Stephen Chan
Soh Yew Wei
Tay Tze Hee

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