Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part C: Senior Land Spec Course 5-7 Sep 2011

Dear Part Cs

After discussing with the NCC Teacher Officers, your various subject and form teachers and your seniors, the Unit has selected the following cadets to go for Senior Land Spec Course:
1) Joshua Liau
2) Randy
3) Jingrong
4) Tay Tze Hee
5) Yen Wee

Please note that the Unit is also exploring on internal promotion for deserving cadets. Hence, there would be more cadets who would be promoted to the rank of Staff Sgt in our Unit. More details will be shared with you in due course.

1. HQ NCC will be conducting the Senior Specialist Course from 5th - 7th Sep 11. The course duration is two and a half days, residential camp.

2. The aim of this course is to allow the Cadets to enhance their instructional abilities in organizing; conducting and executing some form of parades and ceremonies at their School Units.

3. Upon completion, the Cadets will be appointed as Unit Drill Instructors in their respective school units where they will be able to impart the knowledge and skills acquired during the course to their juniors and subordinates.

4. The course will commence on 5 Sep, 1330 hr to 7th Sep 11, 1700 hr.

5. It will be held at NCC Campus, Amoy Quee Camp.


6. Cadets are to report for in processing by 1330 hr at HQ NCC, Multi Purpose Hall on 5 Sep 11.

7. All Cadets are to report in their Smart No. 4 uniform (with badges)

8. All male Cadets are reminded to have a short and neat haircut, failing which they will not be permitted to join the course. Barbers will be present to cut the hair of male Cadets with long hair at a cost of $4.00. Female cadets are reminded to bring along their hairnet.

9. No off-days or time off would be granted during the course, unless on emergency and compassionate grounds.


10. Cadets are reminded to bring the following items when reporting for the course:

a. Camouflage Uniform x 2 (Land)
b. No 3 Uniform (for the girls and Sea Cadets, for graduation)
c. Toiletries and slippers
d. Writing Materials
e. Student Pass for drawing of rifles
f. Medicine (optional)
g. Tights / Hair Nets – Girls
h. T-shirts and shorts
i. Towel
j. Padlock and key
k. PT shoes


10. A pre-course briefing (24 Aug 2011, 1600 hour, NCC HQ MPH) will be conducted prior to the course to allow the participants to prepare their mutual lessons for the course. Participants who fail to attend the pre course briefing on any of the two dates indicated will not be permitted to attend the course.

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