Monday, August 01, 2011

NCC Training on 3rd Aug & 5th Aug 2011

Dear Part A /B/C Sea Competition Candidates
There will be a SEA training on 3rd Aug & 5th Aug. Fall in outside Front Porch in your kayaking attire, 2.30pm.

I understand the lower Sec students are involved in MTL Fortnight Competition. Could you let me know via the link below whether you are attending training or not:

Only students who are participating in the MTL Fortnight COMPETITION are excused. The rest who are not competitors, you MUST attend the NCC Sea Training.

Dear Part A and B cadets,

Kindly note that there is NO NCC training for you this week (3 Aug & 5 Aug) as most of you are involved in MTL Fortnight programme.

Part Cs,
There is no official training for you on these 2 dates, but kindly use the time to complete the following:

a) Admin Spec to finalise admin paper work such as updating of attendance, achievements of cadets, etc. Mdm Wong will brief the admin team separately on Tue.

b) First draft of Annual Unit Camp has to be submitted by 5 Aug, email to Mdm Wong by 5th Aug, 1700 hour. This planning is to be done by appointment holders, with the input from your fellow Part C platoonmate. Let me know who are present during the discussion in the proposal.

c) Complete the maintenance of the NCC Log Room.

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