Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part C: Land Spec Phase in Sep 2011

The following Part Cs are to attend the last phase of Land Spec Course, from 5-7 Sep 2011.

It is a non-residential camp and it will impact on the rank you you would attain in Sec 3. Hence, it has a direct impact on your CCA record. Thus, attendance is compulsory. Please pass the message around to those who are involved in this Sep phase...

They are:
1) Damien
2) Irvin
3) Kenwit
4) Aaron
5) Marcus
6) Nathanael
7) Joshua Quah
8) Seng Yong Hwa
9) Sherwin
10) Yew Wei
11) Xin Zhe

The GSK manual will be issued to you on the next land training and your fellow Part Cs (Ethan and Joshua Liau) would conduct a quick briefing to share with you their experience on Land Spec Course.

1. HQ NCC will be conducting the Non Residential 3 Day Part C Cadet Specialist Course.

2. This administrative instructions spell out the administrative and logistics matters in relation to the smooth running of the Course.

3. The aim of this Course is to allow cadets to enhance their instructional abilities in organising, conducting and executing Individual Field Craft, Technical Handling of Weapons and Physical Fitness to attain the ARMY-NCC Badge so as to contribute what they have learned and experience to the school units.

4. Upon completion, Part C Cadets will also be appointed as the Auxiliary Instructors in their school units where they will be able to impart their knowledge acquired during the course to their juniors.

5. The Part C cadets will report at 0730 hrs as follow:

a. Day 1 & 2 – To Multi purpose Hall at NCC Campus.

b. Day 3 – To Singapore Discovery Centre Carpark which is walking distance from Joo Koon MRT station.

The course is expected to end at approximately 1800 hrs on each day.


6. All Teacher Officers, Cadet Officers and Cadets must report in their No.4 uniform with beret. A T-Shirt and towel are to be brought along for the physical training.

7. Course participants are reminded not to bring along valuables. HQ NCC will not be responsible for any loss or theft. Course participants are also discouraged from bringing any foodstuff for their own consumption.

8. All male Cadet Officers and Cadets are reminded to spot a neat haircut, failing which they will not be permitted into NCC Campus. Female Cadet Officers and Cadets are to bring along their black hairnets.

9. Late-comers without a valid excuse will not be entertained after 0800 hrs on each day of the course. Day-off will not be granted to any course participant except on compassionate ground.

12. All course participants are reminded that they are to be at their best behavior at all times.


13. Cadets will be assessed in the 5 areas during Specialist Course.

a. Army-NCC Badge Trainfire Test
b. Physical Fitness Assessment – Push Up & Sit-up
c. Army –NCC Badge IFC Test
d. GSK Test
e. Peer Appraisal

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