Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training on 31 August 2011

Reporting Time: 2.25pm
Reporting Place: Company Command Post

Expected Dismissal Time: 5.25pm

Attire:PT Kit

Objectives of Training:Physical training to improve standard for NAPFA

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sea Competition Training Term 3 Week 10

Dear Sea Competition Cadets

Kindly note that there is Sea Comp Training @ Kallang this week.

Date: 31 Aug & 1 Sep 2011
Time: 31 Aug (2.25pm) & 1 Sep (10.50am)
Attire: Kayaking gear
Remark: Pack lunch is provided for training on 1st Sep
IC: 31 Aug (Ervine) & 1 Sep (Yew Wei)

Kindly take that there is only a 1-way transport on 31st Aug 2011.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NCC Training on 26 Aug 2011

Part A: IMT (refer to earlier blog post)

Part B:
Land Training in School
Part C: Land Training in School
Kindly note that Mdm Wong has spoken to Mr Xing regarding the HSK Briefing on Fri (2-4pm). Hence, Part Cs do not have to attend the HSK briefing and would conduct NCC Land Training for Part Bs. There is an alternative briefing slot for HSK and Mr Xing would update you on it.

Fall-in Time: By 2.25pm
Colours to be Conducted: 2.45pm SHARP
Attire: PT Kit
Dismissal Time: Colours to be conducted by 5.15pm SHARP

Selected Cadets: Sea Competition Sea Training

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[PART A] IMT 2011 (26 Aug 2011)

Date: 26 August 2011 Fri

Reporting time:

Dismiss from class at about 11.20 pm for lunch
Report at NCC Log Room at 11.40 pm to deposit Macbook and Handphone for Safe keeping

Bus will leave Nee Soon Camp for at 12.00 pm

Reporting attire: No. 4 Uniform with Head Dress

Dismissal Time: Around 6.00 pm from Maris Stella High School


All cadets are reminded that camera handphones, cameras, lap-tops, macbook and PDAs are not permitted in the camp due to security reasons.

Training on 24 August 2011

Reporting Time: 2.15pm
Reporting Place: Company Command Post
Expected Dismissal Time: 5.15pm
Attire:PT Kit

Objectives of Training: Physical training to improve fitness standard for NAPFA

NCC Training Resumes with effect from 24 Aug 2011

Dear NCC Cadets

Kindly note that NCC training will resume with effect from 24 Aug 2011.

Part As would be going out for IMT Shooting on 26th Aug 2011.

Your Seniors will post the information on the blog by this afternoon.

Thank you.

NCC Training Resumes with effect from 24 Aug 2011

Dear NCC Cadets

Kindly note that NCC training will resume with effect from 24 Aug 2011.

Your Seniors will post the information on the blog by this afternoon.

Thank you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Selected Cadets: SEA Competition Training (24 & 26 Aug 2011))

Dear Sea Competition Cadets

Kindly note that there is Sea Comp Training @ Kallang this week.

Date: 24 & 26 Aug 2011
Time: 24 Aug (2.25pm) & 26 Aug (1.55pm)
Attire: Kayaking gear
Remark: May bring energy bar for snacks

Kindly take every training seriously as the selection would be based on both formal and informal observations.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Part C: Live Range 23 Aug 2011 is CANCELLED

Dear Part C

HQ NCC just called to inform our Unit that the Live Range on 23 Aug has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances...

Hence, there is NO live range for Part C on 23 Aug 2011.

Please take note.

Part A & B: Bend & Hitches

Dear selected Part As and Part Bs

Kindly meet Mdm Wong during Assembly Period (11.30am), Monday 22nd Aug 2011 for a B&H final selection. This selection will choose the best 2 representatives from each Part to represent the school for the B&H Competition 2011 on 23rd Aug 2011, 4.15pm to 6pm

An excuse letter (to be excused from 11.30 to 12noon) would be given to you in the morning.

The list of shortlisted Part As for the B&H competition are as followed:
1) Mavyrle Kwan
2) Herrick Koh
3) Jun Hao Cheong
4) Goh Xin Yang
5) Wai Kye Pang
6) Hugo Ong

The list of shortlisted Part Bs for the B&H competition are as followed:
1) Nicholas Leong
2) Shao Ming
3) Thaddeus
4) Xuan Zhao
5) Jia An
6) Delvin
7) Marcus Tan
8) Spencer

Friday, August 19, 2011

PartC: Senior Spec Course (Sep 2011)

Kindly note that cadets who are selected for Senior Spec Course 2011, you are required to attend the pre-course briefing @ HQ NCC MPH, 24th August 2011, 1600 sharp.

You can be in your school uniform.

Mdm Wong

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part C: Senior Land Spec Course 5-7 Sep 2011

Dear Part Cs

After discussing with the NCC Teacher Officers, your various subject and form teachers and your seniors, the Unit has selected the following cadets to go for Senior Land Spec Course:
1) Joshua Liau
2) Randy
3) Jingrong
4) Tay Tze Hee
5) Yen Wee

Please note that the Unit is also exploring on internal promotion for deserving cadets. Hence, there would be more cadets who would be promoted to the rank of Staff Sgt in our Unit. More details will be shared with you in due course.

1. HQ NCC will be conducting the Senior Specialist Course from 5th - 7th Sep 11. The course duration is two and a half days, residential camp.

2. The aim of this course is to allow the Cadets to enhance their instructional abilities in organizing; conducting and executing some form of parades and ceremonies at their School Units.

3. Upon completion, the Cadets will be appointed as Unit Drill Instructors in their respective school units where they will be able to impart the knowledge and skills acquired during the course to their juniors and subordinates.

4. The course will commence on 5 Sep, 1330 hr to 7th Sep 11, 1700 hr.

5. It will be held at NCC Campus, Amoy Quee Camp.


6. Cadets are to report for in processing by 1330 hr at HQ NCC, Multi Purpose Hall on 5 Sep 11.

7. All Cadets are to report in their Smart No. 4 uniform (with badges)

8. All male Cadets are reminded to have a short and neat haircut, failing which they will not be permitted to join the course. Barbers will be present to cut the hair of male Cadets with long hair at a cost of $4.00. Female cadets are reminded to bring along their hairnet.

9. No off-days or time off would be granted during the course, unless on emergency and compassionate grounds.


10. Cadets are reminded to bring the following items when reporting for the course:

a. Camouflage Uniform x 2 (Land)
b. No 3 Uniform (for the girls and Sea Cadets, for graduation)
c. Toiletries and slippers
d. Writing Materials
e. Student Pass for drawing of rifles
f. Medicine (optional)
g. Tights / Hair Nets – Girls
h. T-shirts and shorts
i. Towel
j. Padlock and key
k. PT shoes


10. A pre-course briefing (24 Aug 2011, 1600 hour, NCC HQ MPH) will be conducted prior to the course to allow the participants to prepare their mutual lessons for the course. Participants who fail to attend the pre course briefing on any of the two dates indicated will not be permitted to attend the course.

Part C: Land Spec Phase in Sep 2011

The following Part Cs are to attend the last phase of Land Spec Course, from 5-7 Sep 2011.

It is a non-residential camp and it will impact on the rank you you would attain in Sec 3. Hence, it has a direct impact on your CCA record. Thus, attendance is compulsory. Please pass the message around to those who are involved in this Sep phase...

They are:
1) Damien
2) Irvin
3) Kenwit
4) Aaron
5) Marcus
6) Nathanael
7) Joshua Quah
8) Seng Yong Hwa
9) Sherwin
10) Yew Wei
11) Xin Zhe

The GSK manual will be issued to you on the next land training and your fellow Part Cs (Ethan and Joshua Liau) would conduct a quick briefing to share with you their experience on Land Spec Course.

1. HQ NCC will be conducting the Non Residential 3 Day Part C Cadet Specialist Course.

2. This administrative instructions spell out the administrative and logistics matters in relation to the smooth running of the Course.

3. The aim of this Course is to allow cadets to enhance their instructional abilities in organising, conducting and executing Individual Field Craft, Technical Handling of Weapons and Physical Fitness to attain the ARMY-NCC Badge so as to contribute what they have learned and experience to the school units.

4. Upon completion, Part C Cadets will also be appointed as the Auxiliary Instructors in their school units where they will be able to impart their knowledge acquired during the course to their juniors.

5. The Part C cadets will report at 0730 hrs as follow:

a. Day 1 & 2 – To Multi purpose Hall at NCC Campus.

b. Day 3 – To Singapore Discovery Centre Carpark which is walking distance from Joo Koon MRT station.

The course is expected to end at approximately 1800 hrs on each day.


6. All Teacher Officers, Cadet Officers and Cadets must report in their No.4 uniform with beret. A T-Shirt and towel are to be brought along for the physical training.

7. Course participants are reminded not to bring along valuables. HQ NCC will not be responsible for any loss or theft. Course participants are also discouraged from bringing any foodstuff for their own consumption.

8. All male Cadet Officers and Cadets are reminded to spot a neat haircut, failing which they will not be permitted into NCC Campus. Female Cadet Officers and Cadets are to bring along their black hairnets.

9. Late-comers without a valid excuse will not be entertained after 0800 hrs on each day of the course. Day-off will not be granted to any course participant except on compassionate ground.

12. All course participants are reminded that they are to be at their best behavior at all times.


13. Cadets will be assessed in the 5 areas during Specialist Course.

a. Army-NCC Badge Trainfire Test
b. Physical Fitness Assessment – Push Up & Sit-up
c. Army –NCC Badge IFC Test
d. GSK Test
e. Peer Appraisal

Friday, August 05, 2011

Part C: Live Range

Dear Part Cs

Cadets who are selected for B & H Competition, you will attend the Live Range on 12 Aug 2011.

They are:
a) Joseph Say
b) Keith
c) Yen Wee
d) Jing Rong

Attire: Wear No. 4 to school
Remark: Bring EZ-Link card
Date: 12 Aug

You are dismiss at 12.05pm. Proceed for a quick lunch and fall in at Front Porch by 12.25pm sharp.

More information will be provided in due course.

For the remaining Part C cadets, you are scheduled for Live Range on 23rd Aug.

Mdm Wong

Monday, August 01, 2011

NCC Training on 3rd Aug & 5th Aug 2011

Dear Part A /B/C Sea Competition Candidates
There will be a SEA training on 3rd Aug & 5th Aug. Fall in outside Front Porch in your kayaking attire, 2.30pm.

I understand the lower Sec students are involved in MTL Fortnight Competition. Could you let me know via the link below whether you are attending training or not:

Only students who are participating in the MTL Fortnight COMPETITION are excused. The rest who are not competitors, you MUST attend the NCC Sea Training.

Dear Part A and B cadets,

Kindly note that there is NO NCC training for you this week (3 Aug & 5 Aug) as most of you are involved in MTL Fortnight programme.

Part Cs,
There is no official training for you on these 2 dates, but kindly use the time to complete the following:

a) Admin Spec to finalise admin paper work such as updating of attendance, achievements of cadets, etc. Mdm Wong will brief the admin team separately on Tue.

b) First draft of Annual Unit Camp has to be submitted by 5 Aug, email to Mdm Wong by 5th Aug, 1700 hour. This planning is to be done by appointment holders, with the input from your fellow Part C platoonmate. Let me know who are present during the discussion in the proposal.

c) Complete the maintenance of the NCC Log Room.