Monday, July 18, 2011

NCC Training 20 July

Reporting time: 2.15pm
Expected dismissal time: 5.30pm
Reporting attire: PT kit

Objectives: To train up all cadet's fitness for NAPFA test.

Reporting place: Company Command Post

Note: Those going for NAPFA 2.4km run retest are to come back for training. Cadets who fail to come back for training will be marked as AWOL.

2SG Isaac Lim


Winston Part A said...

But I have tuition after the 2.4 run... I am afraid i cannot come for training. I cannot change the day of my group tuition as there are no more saturday slots. Thus, i will have tuition every wednesday. Very sorry

Part C Yen Wee said...

In reply to Winston, Wednesday and Fridays will always be CCA days, by right you are not suppose to have tuition, or at least during CCA times (usually 6, max 6.30)