Thursday, July 07, 2011

Part B IMT on 8th July (Must Read)

Dear Part B cadets :

Please note that IMT will be held tomorrow, Friday 8th July.

Time of dismissal from class: 1:15 pm
Time of assemble at front porch : 1:40 pm
Attire: Number 4 uniform. Put on your jockey cap.
Things not to bring : Camera handphone, Macbook and any other storage device such as thumb drive or portable hard disk
Transport: 2 way from MSHS to Nee Soon Camp IMT range
Dismissal Time after event : Around 1800hr at MSHS

To fire at IMT range cadets must be in Number 4 uniform . Cadets who are not in Number 4 uniform are not allow to attend IMT range.

Please note that IMT ranges are shared with SAF and vacancy is limited. There will be no makeup if you miss tomorrow's IMT.

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