Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sea Competition Training Dates 2011

The following cadets are selected for Sea Competition 2011, these are the proposed training dates. Kindly note that these are the proposed dates. Hence, it could be subjected to further changes.

29th June
6th July
13th July
24th Aug
26th Aug
29th Aug
31st Aug

Timing: 3-6pm

Also note that YOU should be actively training on your own, based on Coach Kim's advise and suggestions.

No: Name:
1 Chow Xin Rong Terence
2 Sirius Phua Si Ren
3 Pang Wai Kye
4 Ignatius Jarett Yip Hao Shen
5 Hia Reon
6 Chong Yao Xiang
7 Shaun Seah
8 Tan Yi Hao
9 Elvis Tan Yong Jie
10 Chan Alvin David
11 Edward Tow
12 Nathantel
13 Ervin
14 Randy Ng
15 Yew Wei
16 Sherwin


Mdm Wong

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