Sunday, June 26, 2011

NCC Training: 29 June 2011 & 1 July 2011

29 June 2011

Part A: There is NO NCC Training for Part As

Part B:
SMART Enrichment @ Singapore Poly

Part C:
To fall in outside Sec 3A classroom at 2.30pm, in your PT Kit
- Log Room Operation Clean-Up
- Stock-Taking
- Induction Programme

Part D:
Appointment Holders to conduct Induction Programme for Part Cs

Selected Cadets for SEA COMPETITION (Part A, B, C):
There is a PT land training session on 29 June 2011 in school
Attire: PT Kit
Time: 2.30- 5pm

PT Instructor:
Ervine Cheong (Part C)

1 July 2011

NCC Training is canceled, in view of Youth Day Celebration. Happy Youth Day 2011!

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