Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Training on 25th May

25th May, Wednesday
All Part Cs must attend this training.
Part Ds key appointment holders (incl. CSM, ASMs, Heads for S1-S4, Part A PSes, Head Part B PS, all Part C PSes and Part D PSes, and PTIs) must attend this training.

Reporting Time:
For Part C: 1310hrs
For Part A 1430hrs (1440hrs for Classes ABCDGHI)
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1810hrs

For Part C AND D: No.4 Attire PT KIT
For Part A: PT Kit
Things to bring: Part Cs are to bring writing materials and paper. 

Objectives of training:
IFC Training for Part C
Compulsory Land Specialist IFC and Drill Mutuals for Part C
Physical training to improve fitness standard for NAPFA for Part A

Notes: Part B Are away at Sec 2 Camp

1SG Chew Rong Kang

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