Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2nd Round Selection for Sea Competition 2011

Dear Part Cs and selected Part A & Part B Cadets

You have been shortlisted for the final selection to represent our school for Sea Competition 2011.

The 1st round selection was conducted based on your performance and attitude during your 1-Star and 2-Star Kayaking Session respectively.

Date: 18th May, Wed
Fall in Time: 1.50pm, in your kayaking attire, outside Shaw Hall
Students Involved: ALL Part Cs + Refer to list below
  • 2-way transport is provided and the bus will reach school by 6pm
  • Early dismissal form will be given to you on 18th May, before morning assembly

Give your best show because the coach will be selecting top 5 representatives from each section.

1 Chow Xin Rong Terence
2 Sirius Phua Si Ren
3 Pang Wai Kye
4 Ignatius Jarett Yip Hao Shen
5 Hia Reon
6 Paul Thang
7 Eke Wang Wei Zhe
1 Lee Jun Ren Brent
2 Tay Tze Hee
3 Chong Yao Xiang
4 Shaun Seah
5 Tan Yi Hao
6 Spencer Lim Wei Jie
7 Ang Wee Onn
8 Elvis Tan Yong Jie
9 Tan Xuan Zhao
10 Koh Shao Ming
11 Delvin Lim Yong Liang
12 Chan Alvin David

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