Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Results for Overseas Expedition


The following cadets have successfully cleared their interview for overseas trip:

a)Chong Jie (Hong Kong, 8-16Aug 2011)
b)Shawn (Hong Kong, 8-16Aug 2011)
c)Tze Hee (Hong Kong, 8-16Aug 2011)

d) Yong Quan (ISCEP UK, 27July-10Aug 2011)

e) Randy (ISCEP USA, 25June-10July 2011). Randy, you are required to attend a briefing and collection of navy coveralls at Kallang Sea Training Centre on 20 June (MON, 1530 hour

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proficiency Test and Specialist Course Files

Dear Part C Cadets,

You can now download the softcopy of the Sea/Land Specialist Materials here until 1st June 2011:

(You must be logged into your MSHS google account)

PLEASE NOTE that the documents are RESTRICTED, hence are for your personal reading only. You are not permitted to distribute the materials to non-MSHS NCC (Sea) members.

Additionally, you may find content that was previously created by me. These are protected by a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, where you are free to distribute and modify my work, but you must attribute it to me.

1SG Rong Kang

NO NCC Training on 27 May

Dear Cadets

Please note that in view of the Meet-the-Parent Session, there is NO NCC training this Friday.


Cadets who have NOT submitted your NCC Donation Card, please do so by Friday, 27 May. The submission of the NCC Donation Card has to be made to the HQ by 28 May. Hence, please co-operate and pass the Card & money to Mdm Wong.

Otherwise, you would have to come back to school on Sat to pass Mdm Wong the card & money.

You may look for her in Sec 3A classroom in the morning.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Training on 25th May

25th May, Wednesday
All Part Cs must attend this training.
Part Ds key appointment holders (incl. CSM, ASMs, Heads for S1-S4, Part A PSes, Head Part B PS, all Part C PSes and Part D PSes, and PTIs) must attend this training.

Reporting Time:
For Part C: 1310hrs
For Part A 1430hrs (1440hrs for Classes ABCDGHI)
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1810hrs

For Part C AND D: No.4 Attire PT KIT
For Part A: PT Kit
Things to bring: Part Cs are to bring writing materials and paper. 

Objectives of training:
IFC Training for Part C
Compulsory Land Specialist IFC and Drill Mutuals for Part C
Physical training to improve fitness standard for NAPFA for Part A

Notes: Part B Are away at Sec 2 Camp

1SG Chew Rong Kang

Monday, May 23, 2011

Part C Important Matter for May & June 2011

1. 21 Cadets: Cadet Specialist Course (Land Module) for sea cadets has now been changed to 21 June to 23 June. The Land Module revision booklet will be given to you and it is VITAL that you study for it as your rank is DEPENDENT on your performance (test, exam, practical) during Land Spec Course.

a. General Specialist Knowledge (GSK) GSK lessons are to be conducted by the individual school units before the start of the Specialist Course. The test on GSK will be conducted during the Specialist Course. Cadets are to bring along their own writing materials.

b. Foot Drill Mutual. Mutuals are to be conducted by the individual school units before the start of the Specialist Course. Cadets attending the course must complete their mutual on Foot Drill.

c. IFC Mutual. Mutuals are to be conducted by the individual school units before the start of the Specialist Course. Cadets attending the course must complete their mutual on IFC.

2. ALL Part Cs (including Phase II (Sep) for Land Specialist Course): As part of the preparation for Specialist Course (Land Module), HQ NCC will be holding a half-day revision activity for our sea cadets. This revision is vital for the performance of the cadets and is thus compulsory.

Specialist Course (Land Module) Revision

Date: 26 May 2011

Start : 0800 hrs (Reporting time)

End : 1200 hrs

Location: HQNCC MPH

Attire: Smart No.4 with Beret

Items to Bring: Water Bottles, EZ link card

Mdm Wong will apply leave of absence for all Sec 3 cadets and your form teacher would be informed. Cadets who fail to turn up at NCC HQ, without valid reasons, will not be accepted for the course held in June (phase I) or Sep (phase II).

3. AKE Participants:

a. You are required to attend a pre-AKE briefing and course expedition theory to be conducted on 3 June (Friday) at 0900 – 1200 hrs at NCC Theatrette (NCC HQ). Bring along writing materials and report in Number 3 (sea cadets) Attendance is strictly compulsory.

b. You are the planning committee for showcasing NCC activites to our international scholars, on 12th June (10.30am – 2.30pm) The I/Cs are Ervine & You Jing. The activities include basic foot drills and outdoor field-cooking.

c. AKE participants are to board the bus (leaving for AKE camp venue) at 3.30pm on 12th May 2011.

4. NCC Day Parade Participants

a. Kindly collect your No. 1 Uniform either on 23rd Mar OR 26th Mar 2011

b. Check MSHS email for further updates

c. For You Jing, who is representing MSHS as the flag bearer, please note that you need to be present on 25 June, 2 July, 8 July, 16 July

d. For the GOH contingent, this is the rehearsal schedule:

All rehearsals would be conducted at NCC Campus. Rehearsals would be conducted on the following dates and time as indicated below:







27 May

1400 – 1730 hr

Admin / Briefings / Component Training/All



10 Jun

0900 – 1200 hr

Component Training



17 Jun

0900 – 1200 hr

1st Combined Rehearsal



25 Jun

1330 – 1730 hr

2nd Combined Rehearsal



2 Jul

1330 – 2100 hr

Complete Rehearsal

S, D


8 Jul

1330 – 2100 hr

Full Dress Rehearsal

S, D


16 Jul

0900 – 1200 hr

GOH & Parade Appointment Holders only


1400 – 1700 hr

Final Complete Rehearsal

S, D

S – snack provided L – lunch provided D – dinner provided

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2nd Round Selection for Sea Competition 2011

Dear Part Cs and selected Part A & Part B Cadets

You have been shortlisted for the final selection to represent our school for Sea Competition 2011.

The 1st round selection was conducted based on your performance and attitude during your 1-Star and 2-Star Kayaking Session respectively.

Date: 18th May, Wed
Fall in Time: 1.50pm, in your kayaking attire, outside Shaw Hall
Students Involved: ALL Part Cs + Refer to list below
  • 2-way transport is provided and the bus will reach school by 6pm
  • Early dismissal form will be given to you on 18th May, before morning assembly

Give your best show because the coach will be selecting top 5 representatives from each section.

1 Chow Xin Rong Terence
2 Sirius Phua Si Ren
3 Pang Wai Kye
4 Ignatius Jarett Yip Hao Shen
5 Hia Reon
6 Paul Thang
7 Eke Wang Wei Zhe
1 Lee Jun Ren Brent
2 Tay Tze Hee
3 Chong Yao Xiang
4 Shaun Seah
5 Tan Yi Hao
6 Spencer Lim Wei Jie
7 Ang Wee Onn
8 Elvis Tan Yong Jie
9 Tan Xuan Zhao
10 Koh Shao Ming
11 Delvin Lim Yong Liang
12 Chan Alvin David