Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cadets who qualify for 2nd Round AKE Selection

Dear Part C Cadets,

Congratulations! The following cadets have done well and qualify for the 2nd round AKE Selection.

Details on 2nd round AKE Selection:

Date: 26th Mar, Sat
Time: Report to school at 6.45am sharp
Attire: PT attire (long sleeve schoo/NCC shirt is advisable)

There will only be one session conducted for the cadets and the expedition will start from SSTC to Causeway and back. If the weather holds fine, everything should end before 1200hrs and you will be dismissed from SSTC.

Should there be inclement weather in the morning, the expedition will start at a later time. As such, please make this whole saturday available till evening time after 1730hrs.

No lunch will be catered as well. They will be dismissed before 1200hrs after the expedition.

Please consume a full and heavy breakfast before they report to SSTC - this is important so that they will have enough strength to go through the expedition.

Also, please have at least 7 hours of sleep the night before.

Preparatory Trainings/Selections
1. Student Identity Card (EZlink card) (compulsory)
2. One Extra set of dry clothing (compulsory)
3. Towel (compulsory)
4. Medications (sea-sick pills, Panadol, if necessary)
5. Sunblock Lotion (compulsory)
6. Sunglasses (UV protected)
7. Cap (compulsory)
8. Water Bottle (min. 1.5L, compulsory)
9. Gloves
10. Wet-PT TrackShoes / Booties (Compulsory) ** Strictly no sandals or slippers of any sort allowed.
11. Track Shoes (compulsory)
12. Snack/Energy Bars to consume during the expedition (if they are hungry) (kept in ziplock bag)

44:59 S9605676A LCP Ervine Cheong Ao Ren
44:59 S9615603J LCP Toh You Jing
47:14 S9642144C LCP Ng Guo Rong, Randy
47:14 S9674427G LCP Sherwin Stephen Chan
48:15 S9646533E LCP Lai Kwang Tze, Aaron
48:15 S9639248F LCP Teow Ken Shen, Edward
48:45 S9627514E LCP Cho Yen Wee
50:04 S9633320Z LCP Lee Chong Jie
50:04 S9627032A LCP Tan QiSheng, Keith
51:10 S9614628J LCP Isaac Lim Wen Liang
51:10 S9638984A LCP Tay Tze Hee

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