Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training on 30th March & 1st April

All cadets are to read the Standard Operating Procedures for Administration (SOPA), which has been in effect since 25th March 2011, in the post below.
30th March, Wednesday
Reporting Time: 1410hrs
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1700hrs

Attire: PT Kit
Things to bring: None.
Objectives of training: Physical training to improve fitness standard for NAPFA. Part As who have not collected their uniform are to collect it during this training.

If you will be disrupted from this training due to sports day heats, please inform by filling in the form in the post here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/mshs.edu.sg/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dFRNNGY1NzJyVW9DSGhBWDdyMkFhalE6MQ

1st April, Friday
Reporting Time: 1530hrs (training will be delayed due to a SS Mock Exam for all Sec 4s)
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1830hrs

PT Kit for all Part A (and new Part Bs)
No. 4 Uniform for Part B, C and D. 

Things to bring: PT Kit for all cadets.
Part A are to bring BOTH No. 3 and No. 4 (Both white and green coloured) Uniform, including BOOTS and SHOES. i.e. All items that were in your box.

Objectives for training: Drills training of different proficiency for each Platoon, Physical training to improve fitness standard for NAPFA. Part A will be instructed on how to wear the various uniform.

(I apologise for the lateness of this post, please be assured that posts will be on time so that you'll be informed with enough time for you to prepare.)
1SG Chew Rong Kang

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Standard Operating Procedures for Attendance

Dear Cadets,

Starting from 25/3/2011, Friday. All Cadets (Part A to D) must adhere to a new Standard Operating Procedure for Attendance, SOPA.

All Cadets MUST read the SOPA document at the Calendar/Attendance section of the blog.

This is in light of cadets not checking the blog regularly, or not handing up their MCs or Parent Letters.

Thank you,
1SG Rong Kang

IMPORTANT: NCC Attendance Checking Exercise

Dear Cadets (ALL Part A, B C and D),

As mentioned during the training on 23/3, Wednesday:
  • There are many instances of cadets that have claimed to be excused from training but did not hand up the relevant documents (Medical Certificates, Parent Letters etc.)
  • Your attendance since the start of 2011 is now reflected online here and the attendance section of the blog.
  • ALL Cadets must check for errors in their attendance by Friday

  • All highlighted yellow "?" in the attendance record means that you have not submitted any proof for your absence from that particular training, be it an MC or Parent Letter
  • Without proof for your absence, you will be deemed AWOL from that certain training.
  • If you have not submitted your proof for your absence from training OR have been marked "?" or AWOL for any training incorrectly: 
    • Please bring a copy of your MC OR Parent Letter for as a proof of absence, during friday's training 25/3/2011 and submit to the Admin Specialist when he approaches your platoon.
  • If you are unable to reproduce the proof:
    • Please prepare an explanation of which should consist of what proof did you submit, to whom did you submit it to and when did you submit the proof. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You may submit a parent's letter as well, but will be subjected to review.
  • Parent Letters must contain the signature and contact number of the cadet's parent and must be dated.
  • If you do not take any action by Friday, 25/3 you will be deemed AWOL from that certain training.
  • Please be reminded you need >75% attendance to receive any CCA points for that year. Attendance is the most basic commitment you can give.
    Otherwise, if you have any other problems or questions, I will checking with each platoon on Friday.
    Please refrain from asking questions on the tagboard.

    1SG Rong Kang

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011


    Date: 14 April 2011 Thursday

    Reporting time:
    Dismiss from class at about 11.35 pm for lunch
    Report at Maris Stella High School (Front Porch) at 11.55 pm
    Bus will leave Fort Canning Park for at 12.00 pm

    Reporting attire: No. 4 Uniform pants with Sec 1 Camp T-shirt and Jockey Cap

    Dismissal Time: Approximately 6.15 pm from Maris Stella High School

    Admin Matters:
    1. Keep your belongings and macbook in the log room.
    2. Please bring along a water bottle


    The main objectives of Part A Interactive Battlefield Trail are as follows:

    a. Understand the concept of manoeuvre warfare, tactical considerations for attack and defence, and need to be committed to the defence of Singapore.

    b. Understand the reasons why British failed to defend Singapore.

    c. Understand how the Japanese had successfully employed Joint and Combined Arms concepts to cause the rapid collapse of Fortress Singapore.

    Cadets would undergo a ½ day amazing race format trail using mobile technology and GPS tracking system.

    Upon completion of the fieldtrail, all cadets are eligible to collect their Total Defence Badge (Bronze).

    Cadets who qualify for 2nd Round AKE Selection

    Dear Part C Cadets,

    Congratulations! The following cadets have done well and qualify for the 2nd round AKE Selection.

    Details on 2nd round AKE Selection:

    Date: 26th Mar, Sat
    Time: Report to school at 6.45am sharp
    Attire: PT attire (long sleeve schoo/NCC shirt is advisable)

    There will only be one session conducted for the cadets and the expedition will start from SSTC to Causeway and back. If the weather holds fine, everything should end before 1200hrs and you will be dismissed from SSTC.

    Should there be inclement weather in the morning, the expedition will start at a later time. As such, please make this whole saturday available till evening time after 1730hrs.

    No lunch will be catered as well. They will be dismissed before 1200hrs after the expedition.

    Please consume a full and heavy breakfast before they report to SSTC - this is important so that they will have enough strength to go through the expedition.

    Also, please have at least 7 hours of sleep the night before.

    Preparatory Trainings/Selections
    1. Student Identity Card (EZlink card) (compulsory)
    2. One Extra set of dry clothing (compulsory)
    3. Towel (compulsory)
    4. Medications (sea-sick pills, Panadol, if necessary)
    5. Sunblock Lotion (compulsory)
    6. Sunglasses (UV protected)
    7. Cap (compulsory)
    8. Water Bottle (min. 1.5L, compulsory)
    9. Gloves
    10. Wet-PT TrackShoes / Booties (Compulsory) ** Strictly no sandals or slippers of any sort allowed.
    11. Track Shoes (compulsory)
    12. Snack/Energy Bars to consume during the expedition (if they are hungry) (kept in ziplock bag)

    44:59 S9605676A LCP Ervine Cheong Ao Ren
    44:59 S9615603J LCP Toh You Jing
    47:14 S9642144C LCP Ng Guo Rong, Randy
    47:14 S9674427G LCP Sherwin Stephen Chan
    48:15 S9646533E LCP Lai Kwang Tze, Aaron
    48:15 S9639248F LCP Teow Ken Shen, Edward
    48:45 S9627514E LCP Cho Yen Wee
    50:04 S9633320Z LCP Lee Chong Jie
    50:04 S9627032A LCP Tan QiSheng, Keith
    51:10 S9614628J LCP Isaac Lim Wen Liang
    51:10 S9638984A LCP Tay Tze Hee

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Training on 23rd/25th March

    If you will be disrupted from training due to sports day heats, please inform by filling in the form in the post below.

    23rd March, Wednesday
    Reporting Time: 1410hrs
    Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
    Release Time: 1820hrs (6.20 PM, please note)

    Attire: PT Kit
    Things to bring: Large bag (recyclable cloth bag etc.) for Part A
    Objectives of training: Preparation for Change of Command parade on Friday, training will be slightly longer due to this.

    Notes: Part A will be collecting their uniforms, including boots etc. during this training. Part As, please ensure that you bring along a large enough bag, (I suggest recyclable cloth bags) for 4 pieces of clothing and two shoeboxes (one LARGE and another regular shoebox) so that you can bring home your things easily.

    For Part As who are not attending training, your uniform will be held by the Logistics Specialist until further instructions. (you may need to collect it on thursday)

    25th March, Friday
    Reporting Time: 1400hrs
    Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
    Release Time: 1800hrs

    PT Kit for all Part A
    No. 4 Uniform for Part B and Part Cs in Supporting Contingent
    No. 3 Uniform for Part C in Guard of Honor and all Part D except where specified.

    Things to bring: Barracudas T-Shirt for all cadets.
    Objectives for training: Preparation of Change of Command parade and executing COC Parade itself

    Notes: Arrangements will be made for Part Bs (Sec 2s) to be dismissed on time for the Subject Combination Talk in the evening.

    1SG Chew Rong Kang

    Disruption of training due Sports Day Heats

    Dear Cadets,

    As the Sports Day Heats, will be held on 23rd and 30th of March, which are both wednesdays and NCC Training days, we would like to request that you inform your platoon sergeant by using the online form below, if you are attending any sports heats on either day. This will grant you permission to be excused from training.

    On a side note, training will still continue for all other cadets not involved.

    Please enter the form if you are attending any sports heat. The information you provide will be crossed checked with the PE Dept.

    Thank you,
    1SG Rong Kang

    Sunday, March 20, 2011


    To all Part B cadets:

    Please note that due to overwhelming response, the vacancy for this trip had been taken up by other unit. As such, we will not be going for the field trip.

    Please note that there will be a 2 Day 1 Night Part B Camp Steel coming up in April at HQ(NCC). I will issue the parent consent form to you during coming Wednesday training.


    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Freestyle Drill Training on 18Mar Fri

    Dear cadets,
    Training starts at 8am, bring the following items:
    1. Edusave form
    2. Gloves
    3. Full No. 4
    4. Beret with Crest
    5. Starch your collar

    Give your best shot! We ARE hungry, very HUNGRY

    Doing Eye Splice

    Dear Cadets who are attending IMOS Course,

    If you are still unsure about doing eye splice, please watch the following videos, they may be of some help.

    Best of luck!

    1SG Rong Kang

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    1 Star Kayaking for Part A Cadets *Latest Updates (11/3/11)

    The One Star Kayaking Course will be held at Kallang Water Sports Centre on 17 Mar (Thu) and 18 Mar (Fri). The course is from 8 am to 5 pm.

    Part A cadets are expected to reach Kallang MRT Station by 8 am on 17 Mar (Thu)

    Cadets are to wait at the entrance to the MRT Station (facing the main road). The platoon sergeants (Randal, Yuk Chi and Ian) will be bringing the cadets to the venue (About 10 mins walk).

    Things to Bring for Cadets:

    1. PT Kit (marist singlet and PE Shorts)

    2. Booties or Sport Shoes (No slippers or sandals will be allowed)

    3. Cash (To buy lunch)

    4. A dry set of clothing

    5. Shower equipment (Towel and shower foam)

    6. Water Bottle (preferably more than one litre)

    7. Sunblock lotion (optional)

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    Training on 9th March

    9th March, Wednesday
    Reporting Time: 1410hrs
    Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
    Release Time: 1830hrs (6.30 PM, please note)

    Attire: No.3 Uniform
    Things to bring: PT Kit
    Objectives of training: Preparation for COC Parade

    There will be a Promotion Parade for Part B and those who missed the previous the parade on the previous training:
    1) Tay Tze Hee
    2) Soh Yew Wei
    3) Edward Teow
    4) Natahanael Lok
    5) Isaac Lim
    6) Damien
    7) Kenwit
    8) Brent Lee
    9) Gabriel Lim
    10) Koh Yi Pin

    1SG Chew Rong Kang

    Friday, March 04, 2011

    Downloading Sea Specialist Course Manual

    Dear Cadets (particularly Part C)

    As your IMOS specialist course draws close, (or Proficiency Test at the end of the year) you may find useful to have a softcopy format of the Sea Specialist Course Manual for reference.

    You may download the Sea Spec Manual at this location:

    Scroll down to the "Specialist Course Manual" section on the sidebar and download the relevant files linked there.

    All other cadets may download the manual for future reference.

    Thank you.
    1SG Rong Kang

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Training on 2nd/4th March

    2nd March, Wednesday
    Reporting Time: 1410hrs
    Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
    Release Time: 1830hrs (6.30 PM, please note)

    Attire: PT Kit (Please note the change in attire)
    Things to bring: Materials for Lecture
    Objectives of training: Drills in preparation for Promotion Parade, Lectures for seamanship knowledge proficiency

    Notes: Part C will be involved in AKE Selection (see below)

    4th March, Friday
    Reporting Time: 1410hrs
    Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
    Release Time: 1730hrs (5.30 PM, please note)

    Attire: PT Kit
    Things to bring: No. 3 Uniform
    Objectives for training: PT to improve physical standard for NAPFA, Promotion Parade

    Notes: Part B will be involved in 2 Start Kayaking Training (see below)
    There will be a Promotion Parade on this training date. Cadets who are absent from this training without a valid reason may not receive their next rank.

    2SG Chew Rong Kang

    CCA Records for Sec 4

    Dear Part Ds

    Kindly verify that the CCA records are accurate up to 2010.

    I've yet to receive the CCA Record from the following people:
    1) Eugene Gwan
    2) Chan Yuk Chi
    3) Koh Yi Pin
    4) Vernon
    5) Brandon Tan
    6) Edmund Ng
    7) Ng Jun Wei Ian
    8) Ho Yong Jia
    9) Lim Lyn-Yang
    10) Kenko Tan

    Place it in Miss Wong's pigeonhole (#42) by Thursday, 3rd Mar, 2pm

    Thank you.