Friday, February 25, 2011

COMPULSORY Briefing for selected Part Cs

A briefing will be conducted for Specialist Course (IMOS Modeule) March 2011's trainees on Monday 28 February 2011 at 1530 hours at NCC THEATARE, Amoy Quee Camp . Attendance is compulsory.

Cadets that do not attend the briefing will not be allowed to attend the course.

Bring along their NRIC / Student Pass when they report for briefing.

Attire: School Uniform
I/C: Isaac (3A)

Kindly note that NO transport is provided.

Cadets are also reminded not to bring handphones with image capturing features or media storage devices into the camp.

The following cadets have been selected to attend Specialist Course (Phase 1):
1) Yen Wee
2) Ervine Cheong
3) Ethan Lim
4) Isaac Lim
5) Jairus
6) Chong Jie
7) Joshua Liau
8) Randy Ng
9) You Jing
10) Jun Bao

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All the Best for CA 1

Dear Cadets,

In view of CA period, there is NO NCC training on 23rd Feb & 25th Mar 2011.

All the best for Common Test (CA 1).

NCC training will resume on 2nd Mar 2011.

Thank you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

21st Feb ALL to wear No. 4

Dear Part B-Ds,

ALL uniform groups will put on their smart uniform (No. 4) on 21st Feb 2011.

This is part of our school's Total Defence Day Commemoration programme.

Kindly pass the message around.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Training on 16/18 February

16th February, Wednesday
Reporting Time: 1410hrs
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1730hrs

Attire: No.4
Things to bring: PT Kit
Objectives of training: Drills, improving physical standard for NAPFA

18th February, Friday
Reporting Time: 1400hrs
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1830hrs

Attire: No. 3 Uniform
Things to bring: PT Kit
Objectives for training: Preparation for COC, improving physical standard for NAPFA

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Training on 9th/11th January

9th February Wednesday
Reporting Time: 1400hrs
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1730hrs
Attire: PT Kit

11th February Friday
Reporting Time: 1400hrs
Reporting Venue: Company Command Post
Release Time: 1800hrs
Attire: No. 4 Uniform
Things to bring: Writing Materials for Lecture, PT Kit

GOLD award (2010) for MSHS NCC

Dear all former and current MSHS NCC cadets

We are pleased to announce that our unit had once again clinched the BUC Gold award in the 2010 BUC competition. This is our 9th consecutive GOLD award since 2002!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated former Marist NCC cadets who continued to serve the unit after their graduation from MSHS.

A BIG thank you to all current Part Bs, Part Cs and Part Ds for all your contribution to our unit for the past few years! Every blood, tear and sweat you shed is worth it! Even though some NCC trainings push you to go beyond your comfort zone, they strengthen your mental and physical toughness. All these soft skills are very valuable and they cannot be taught in a classroom setting.

Dear Part As, a warm welcome to our BIG Family and we look forward to your active participation and contribution to our unit!

Kindly share this piece of good news with your parents and/or guardian. Please extend our sincere appreciation to them for giving you their support in your commitment and dedication in NCC.

We will continue to uphold the prestige and high standards of our unit. Together as one, we will work towards a common goal:
10th consecutive GOLD award in 2011

LTA(NCC) Wong Xiu Yan
LTA(NCC) Tan Hui Kuan
LTA(NCC) Teng Chai Chew
LTA(NCC) Toh Ling Ling
Mr. Chiang Heng Jaik

Monday, February 07, 2011

Freestyle Drill Training

Dear Cadets,

The winning team for FSD 2010 (SEA) was Tanjong Katong Sec. They did a good job. You may take a look here:

1) Accessory
Your coaches have suggested for our team to buy shades (sun-glass). Each costs $10. Could you bring the $ for the next training ? Only students who are shortlisted o represent the Unit will have to purchase it

Students who are having financial difficulty, please do not hesitate to approach Mdm Wong for assistance. Thank you

Kindly remember to get a pair of contact lenses. You can walk in to any optical shop and request for a trial pair, it should not be a problem.

2) Training Dates

- 8th Feb (Tues, 3pm to 6pm)
- 9th Feb (Wed, 4pm to 6pm)
- 11th Feb (Fri, 4.30pm to 6.30pm)

3) Selection & Competition Dates
- 12th Feb (9am to 12noon)
- 19th Mar (Finals)

4) Attire
- 1/2 Uniform (No. 4 bottom + Barra tee)

BARRACUDAS...... "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stand Down on 2nd February

To all cadets:

Please take note that there will not be any training on the 2nd of February in view of the Chinese New Year Celebrations in school.

On behalf of all the Part D, I wish you a Happy CNY and a year of many opportunities, good luck and good health!

(Apologies for the late posting)

2SG Rong Kang

Part D: CCA Results (as of 2010)

Dear Part Ds,

I will be issuing out your CCA results on 2nd Feb, immediately after CNY celebration.

Please report to Sec 3A classroom, 10.20am

1) The info and data is only up to 2010. Hence, do not panic if you do not see your Sec 4 achievement and participation

2) Below is the point system:

25 & above -- A1
20 - 24 -- A2
16 - 19 -- B3
13 - 15 -- B4
10 - 12 -- C5
8 - 9 -- C6

You need to be physically present to collect your CCA result.

Please help to pass the message around.

Thank you.

Mdm Wong